[♛ FreemeGB] Eagle Eye Mezzol X8R XHP70.2 XHP35 21700 Rechargeable Flashlight Group Buy >>> from $22.99

[Sep 17, 2019] Preorder starts.

[Aug 31, 2019] Interest check.

Eagle Eye Mezzol Group Buy

X8R-L (XHP70.2) / X8R-C (XHP35) / X8R-A3


Group Buy Price: from $22.99

Coupon: Request in this thread.


Can't wait for our reply??

Special Price from: $25.69

Coupon: BGX8R / BGX8RC / BGX8RL



Eagle Eye Mezzol X8R-L XHP70.2

21700 Rechargeable Flashlight (retail version)

Peak Value

3941 lumens with Sony VTC5A

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Very interested - big EE fan here!

Sweet exactly what I’ve been waiting for, 2 button, 21700, xhp70.2, and usb recharge (too bad no usb-c but oh well). I’ll probably get one of each. Do you have pics showing the emitter in the reflector. I want to see what is the likelihood of fitting quad E21A in there




I believe there is only one side switch for this X8R.

You sure there’s no rear switch? :weary:

If thats the case why didnt they just use a flat tail cap for more stable tailstanding?

Very interested
X8R-L (XHP70.2)
But only with thermal control. Now I do not see it in the description ((



Interested in the XHP70.2 version.

There is stepdown function but EE never specify time or temp type.



Ok. interested X8R-L (XHP70.2)

Hi freeme,

Please can you find out more about the stepdown regulation? What's the driver diameter size? Is the driver kept in place by glue, screws or a retainer? Anyway, I'm interested. :-)