[♛ FreemeGB] Fireflies PL47 Gen II 4*XP-L/ Nichia/ SST20 Hi CRI 21700 Right Angle Flashlight - ENDED

Cree charts say the XP-L HI V3 does 1094 lumen at 3 amps. 1094 x 4 = close to 4500 factory claimed for this quad. That’s 12 amps add 3 for a cushion and I’ll call it 15 amps.

Thanks heaps for that, super appreciate it, I’ll order a pair of the Liitokala’s :slight_smile:

Would you be so kind as to tell me what the calculation would be in the case of the sst20 4000k CRi95 2500 lumens version?

Comment that I bought a pair of Shockli 4550mah purple, which according to the review of Lygte Info are very good and the price is unbeatable:


I have the PL47 Gen 1, and I can confirm that it does do 2500 lumens، although it does thermal throttle quite quickly, so after 30 seconds, you are not left with much output.

I saw them too, don’t ship to Australia though, like most sellers :-/

Sorry no factory charts from them. This might help Luminus SST-20-W 4000 K CRI95 color and output test

New “headlight strap” looks way better than the Gen1, I’ll buy one when coupon code comes out

I think using high drain cell 20amp above probably won’t cause any harm. If you do worried, selectable mode available : temperature control, time control…

Further more, Anduril is dedicated with FET which mean built for direct pass and properly regulated. Am I right?? :sunglasses:

Is there a code for this one?

Order!!! Fireflies PL47G2 SST20 4000K CRI95 !!! including Clip, Headstrap and Magnetic Tailcap



Interested. Thanks.




Interested. Thanks .

Interested. Thanks!

Is my order already been shipped yet or no? :smiley: hehe Possible shipped this week? just wondering…. :wink: