[♛ FreemeGB] Fireflies PL47 Gen II 4*XP-L/ Nichia/ SST20 Hi CRI 21700 Right Angle Flashlight - ENDED

Thanks, a person said don’t use the Liitokala above 30A as it gets dangerously hot…is this true? This light wouldn’t pull 30A would it? Must be close though

Those Golisi 21700’s also review very well

On your list LiitoKala Lii-40A 21700 4000mah is the best. Off your list Molicel INR21700-P42A is probably the best followed by Samsung 40T and Sony US21700TC6A. I’m guessing that this will be a 15 amp turbo draw.

Thanks for your reply, I was just about to order the Gosili’s. I’m in Australia so shipping of batteries is such a pain, very jealous of you guys in the states. That’s why I just thought I’d go with whatever BG is offering, they seem to have a knack of getting cells into Australia no problems.

Quick question: why do you think it will only draw about 15 amps? Won’t 4 leds getting driven hard be closer to 20 amps or more?

Cree charts say the XP-L HI V3 does 1094 lumen at 3 amps. 1094 x 4 = close to 4500 factory claimed for this quad. That’s 12 amps add 3 for a cushion and I’ll call it 15 amps.

Thanks heaps for that, super appreciate it, I’ll order a pair of the Liitokala’s :slight_smile:

Would you be so kind as to tell me what the calculation would be in the case of the sst20 4000k CRi95 2500 lumens version?

Comment that I bought a pair of Shockli 4550mah purple, which according to the review of Lygte Info are very good and the price is unbeatable:


I have the PL47 Gen 1, and I can confirm that it does do 2500 lumens، although it does thermal throttle quite quickly, so after 30 seconds, you are not left with much output.

I saw them too, don’t ship to Australia though, like most sellers :-/

Sorry no factory charts from them. This might help Luminus SST-20-W 4000 K CRI95 color and output test

New “headlight strap” looks way better than the Gen1, I’ll buy one when coupon code comes out

I think using high drain cell 20amp above probably won’t cause any harm. If you do worried, selectable mode available : temperature control, time control…

Further more, Anduril is dedicated with FET which mean built for direct pass and properly regulated. Am I right?? :sunglasses:

Is there a code for this one?

Order!!! Fireflies PL47G2 SST20 4000K CRI95 !!! including Clip, Headstrap and Magnetic Tailcap



Interested. Thanks.