[♛ FreemeGB] Fireflies PL47 Gen II 4*XP-L/ Nichia/ SST20 Hi CRI 21700 Right Angle Flashlight - ENDED

Well I am interested .

No code here yet.

I read you guys bought from Neal already?

I just asked about the code…
I’m patient.


Haven’t got code yet

I could use a code please, I might pick up a second one

Has anybody received their yet for a first impression?

Mine’s been in USPS tracking since September 12th. I guess it’s on its way to somewhere in California first. I’m guessing their warehouse.

Mine was idle starting the 12th, then started moving in the US on the 27th, based on location it should arrive in a day or two. (Ordered directly from FF on the day it launched)


Good to hear it! Gives me hope that mine should be arriving shortly. :+1:

So trying to clear this up, this group buy is for the gen 2 without headgear or magnet correct?

Yes, it is just a Quad-Led-L-flashlight only. No battery, no clip, no headband, no magnet tailcap.

Edit: assessory : clip, headstrap and magnetic tailcap coming as optional in this GB, with discount too…although What they seem to me as in promo…

Interested in Nichia, requesting for code.

Will PL47 Gen II also be released in the former “champagne gold” color, or is it black only?

Black only.

Ordered a Nichia 219B (4500K 95CRI), thanks!


Hi Freeme

I hope the coupon will be extended up to October for FF PL47 Gen 2. It already expired...

Thank you

I need a 21700 for this, which would you guys recommend from this list?

Look for Liitokala or sofirn battery. The others, ignore! Make sure you look what their rating review, if you not sure.