[♛ FreemeGB] Long Battery Tube for ASTROLUX MF01/ MF02/ MF04 Series >> ALIVE

Operating voltage is still the same as single carrier. [quote=scosgt] Looks like the original tube as two sets of batteries in parallel, so does this double the voltage? [/quote]

I am a newbie, so help me out here. The extension appears to load the battery carriers in series, won’t that double the voltage?
If not, what is the point of the tube? What does it do besides add 4 batteries?

It’s not a series carrier.

It’s a parallel carrier.

It gives you 2x the battery life.

And to anybody buying the carrier, it’s actually better in terms of performance theoretically.

Not that it mattered anyway.

Where can I order one at?

That is exactly the info I was looking for.

Can you please send me the coupon? I am interested.


If they ever decided to change the Knurling back to the look of the MF02, MF02S, MF04, MF04S then I would like to buy a couple of them please.

Unlikely to happen.

Really awesome, the twin saved my arse on car project I needed a big light.It gave all my Astrolux lights extra points amongst the larger lights I own.

Interested. will use this with the MF01s


Can you send me a code?


Freeme since these work with MF01S And they keep making new MF01S in colors, can you have this and DIY tailcap also same colors as MF01S?

I would buy two, purple and another

I am looking for code, thx


Could you send me a code please ?


Second set arrived today, after over six months.
Continues badly packed, only bubble bag and the gray nylon bag. Both ends dented.

The quality control is bad or nonexistent.

I don’t trust Astrolux quality control.

I made mine…

Battery carrier.
I took the multimeter, selector in continuity, one end at the positive pole and the other at the negative… Short Circuit!!!

Autopsy… I remove a four screws… remove the plate…

That excess solder could have caused a dangerous event if you hadn’t discovered it.