[♛ FreemeGB] Long Battery Tube for ASTROLUX MF01/ MF02/ MF04 Series >> ALIVE

I took mine today.

What about F04S,which takes more current?Is the tube good for this?

Add me to the list if the GB is still active.


Mine came wrapped in newspaper with bubble wrap on the inside. A couple small mars to the threads on either end of the tube from its journey through the postal system. They should have boxed the battery tube, I can see why others are having problems. Thankful mine wasn’t too damaged.

I’m really glad this was made available. I kinda felt left out when I realized the MF04 only came with the shorty tube.

I received my extension tube yesterday. The contact plate actually looks different than on the Astrolux fotos.

The new battery carrier is made of aluminium (the plates and the sticks) instead of brass, so it weighs only 59g while the older version weighs 137g. I’m not sure if the conductivity is influenced or stays the same.

The extension tube was wrapped with bubble wrap and newspaper but there was a dent on one end that needed to be cut away with pliers. Otherwise the carrier would not exit on that end.

Same lousy packing, no damage though, some scratches of course.
Not work first try, need to cut a thin cardboard, put inside tail cap then tighten. Bingo, green led on. :+1:


Brass battery carrier design has replaced with aluminium since MF04 model (early 2018). Not much difference in terms of performance.

I agreed, bubble wrap plus newspaper might not be sufficient. I left a feedback to Banggood few weeks ago. Hope manufacturer could come out with a solution with increasing the price.

So someone tell me, on the MF01, does this add run time, brightness, or both?
Looks like the original tube as two sets of batteries in parallel, so does this double the voltage?

Operating voltage is still the same as single carrier. [quote=scosgt] Looks like the original tube as two sets of batteries in parallel, so does this double the voltage? [/quote]

I am a newbie, so help me out here. The extension appears to load the battery carriers in series, won’t that double the voltage?
If not, what is the point of the tube? What does it do besides add 4 batteries?

It’s not a series carrier.

It’s a parallel carrier.

It gives you 2x the battery life.

And to anybody buying the carrier, it’s actually better in terms of performance theoretically.

Not that it mattered anyway.

Where can I order one at?

That is exactly the info I was looking for.

Can you please send me the coupon? I am interested.


If they ever decided to change the Knurling back to the look of the MF02, MF02S, MF04, MF04S then I would like to buy a couple of them please.

Unlikely to happen.

Really awesome, the twin saved my arse on car project I needed a big light.It gave all my Astrolux lights extra points amongst the larger lights I own.

Interested. will use this with the MF01s