[♛ FreemeGB] Long Battery Tube for ASTROLUX MF01/ MF02/ MF04 Series >> ALIVE


Can you send me a code?


Freeme since these work with MF01S And they keep making new MF01S in colors, can you have this and DIY tailcap also same colors as MF01S?

I would buy two, purple and another

I am looking for code, thx


Could you send me a code please ?


Second set arrived today, after over six months.
Continues badly packed, only bubble bag and the gray nylon bag. Both ends dented.

The quality control is bad or nonexistent.

I don’t trust Astrolux quality control.

I made mine…

Battery carrier.
I took the multimeter, selector in continuity, one end at the positive pole and the other at the negative… Short Circuit!!!

Autopsy… I remove a four screws… remove the plate…

That excess solder could have caused a dangerous event if you hadn’t discovered it.