【Fresh Find】sofirn SP35T 21700 tactical light 3800lm SFN43 USB C Rechargeable

The SP35T is a powerful EDC flashlight. It utilizes a powerful SFN43-3V as well as a tactical dual-button interface to serve multiple applications both in conventional and professional home and outdoor scenarios.

  • Emitter: 1x SFN43-3VLED
  • Battery options: 1x 21700 Li-Ion battery
  • Operating voltage: 0V - 4.2V
  • Dimension: 15mm (length) × 28mm (head diameter)
  • Weight: 87 grams (without battery)

Two groups: outdoor group and tactical group


Trial production relase on 12th, Sep , welcome to try and coupon will update later


$5 code for SP35T ----SOFIRNSP35T

first batch on sale in 5 hours later, 12th,Sep-16th,Sep

Hi Jackie, wow looks nice.

Confirmed its forward switch tailswitch for momentary turbo?

Does tailswitch have memory? Can you explain more clearly “dual mode user interface”?

Yes, the tail switch with momentary turbo,

In Outdoor group, tail switch with momentary memory mode, and doulbe press momentary turbo.

In Tactical group, tail switch with momentary turbo, and double press momentary strobe.

Very interesting, thanks. How do you switch between Outdoor group and Tactical group?

Long press side switch 3 seconds when on will taggle between two groups

Ok, great. One last question? Is the driver buck or boost driver? Same as old SP35 high efficiency?

BUCK driver, FET

Ooooh buck+FET driver.

Could I make a big big big suggestion?

Whenever it’s a dual-switch light, ie, sideswitch and tailswitch, do away with the tailswitch “thumb cutouts” entirely?

Ie, either have the tailswitch button just stick out completely by not having any “rim” or “lip” at all, or leave the rim all the way around.

The reason is that if you have the light gripped so that you can easily work the sideswitch, chances are very good the thumb-cutouts will be at the wrong angle, and you’d have to press over the rim anyway (clumsy and cumbersome), or worse, have a corner of the cutout digging into your thumb (actually painful).

And if gripped so that your thumb is in the right position to work the tailswitch, the sideswitch will be off somewhere and will be impossible to find in a hurry.

Neither of those is very “tactical”, yet almost every dual switch (TS+SS) light has that obnoxious feature.

Plus, those cutouts make tailstanding dubious at best. Just look at the light the wrong way when precariously balanced for tailstanding, and it’ll keel over.

I sang the highest praises for the recent WK40 because even though it didn’t have a sideswitch, the rim around the tailswitch went allllllll the way around, and it tailstands beautifully, and the switch is still very easy to operate.

Also, other truly tactical lights like the TM03 and probably most Tiny Monstor series lights, the L2-anything Solarforce lights, etc., have tailswitches without any “guard” ears.

thank you , i will feedback to our engineer

Last sp35 buck driver only?

Nice. Might be worth checking out. How does the sfn43 compare to the sst40 though? Will it make the most of that buck driver?

Wow! This looks excellent.

I have always wanted a tail-switch SP35, and this seems even better, using a more interesting, more powerful LED with better tint, and a nice buck+FET driver.

Why doesn’t it match or out-throw the SP35 though? The brighter, domeless SFN43 should throw further than the SST-40 I would think, but maybe I’m missing something. Is it using a smaller reflector?

Either way, performance looks pretty good.

Seems it’s the same UI as the C8L, which is very nice to use.

I will definitely be getting one.

Will you provide a coupon code for the release tomorrow, Jackie?

It looks like an interesting model, I’d be curious to see runtimes and beamshots.

SFN43 is brighter than the SST-40. In this light Sofirn claims 3800lm vs ~2000 lumens of the SP35 with SST-40. With a higher drain battery like a P42A it may even be closer to ~4000 lumens. It’s more power hungry on turbo, and I’d assume a bit less efficient but I’m not entirely sure how the efficiency compares.

With the buck+FET driver it should sustain the 1500lm high mode very well, though it may employ some temperature regulation after a while to bring the flat sustainable level down to ~800lm just like the SP35. Meanwhile the FET means the 3800 turbo level will drop as the battery drains, but it should still achieve at least over 2000lm on turbo even when the battery is quite low.

The SFN43+ SP35T will absolutely make the most of the buck+FET driver. It would likely require a multi-cell light with batteries in series and a buck driver in order to get ~4000 lumens fully regulated. But from a single cell light, having ~1500 lumens fully regulated and past that using FET is a good solution to get the most out of this LED in this form factor.

So yea, I’d expect at least as good performance as the SP35 in terms of sustainable levels, with an extra boost on a fresh battery due to the FET driver.

Apparently the throw isn’t as good as the SP35 though, with that claiming 330m vs 280m on the SP35T. I guess it’s a floodier LED or they’re using a smaller reflector than the SP35.

$5 code for SP35T ----SOFIRNSP35T

first batch on sale in 5 hours later, 12th,Sep-16th,Sep

Looks like its using a orange peel reflector, which gives probably less throw, also the SFN43 Led looks bigger than than the sst-40.

Looks good, nice specs, size and price. Thanks for posting

SP35T available ordering now

Hi Jackie, is it possible to fit sp35t tailswitch to sp35? Does it work?