Fresh Out of the Envelope Impressions . . . 100mW Green Laser (wavelength 532nm)

I know this is not a laser light board but if you'll indulge me . . .

This is a 4 second exposure so, pardon the image quality.

Look at that damn thing! $18 . . . are you kidding me? Kudos to Lang for steering me toward this.

This next shot is at 3:00 in the afternoon and even then you can see the beam.

I'm going to have to hang out on a laser forum so I don't butcher the upcoming review. Fun as hell but be careful; you don't get a second chance if this guy hits your eyes.


I've pulled the curtains closed just to look at the photos.

Can't have lasers in OZ?


That’s a nice shot. Thats a great toy

You think it's really 100mW?


Nope......nothing >5mw. Idiots keep blasting them at airliners on landing approach (last incident ~2 weeks ago in Sydney).

I live near an airport (McCarran) and an appraoch brings arriving flights over my house. It's far enough away that they can barely be heard but I'm afraid to point it in the sky.


I think it is right in there between 50 and 100mW. Did you see my balloon video?

What's that other laser you have - the one that didn't pop the baloon.


That’s the $7 DX branded one. It will pop a balloon but takes a few seconds. That one is probably 15 to 20mW. That little laser is so cool. That’s what got me going.

looks to be atleast 50mw and I believe the limit ins oz is 1mw not 5mw . crazy

I found this for $32 in february w/battety. Not only does it emit a nice green beam it will also light your cigar.

Some of the e-bay $5 lasers will pop ballons if they don't check out YouTube " laser potmod"

I'm new to lasers so it may be that I'm easy to impress and I would love 200 mW. For a beginer like me, this seems like a lotta laser for $18. Actually, that 200mW unit is a lotta laser for $32.


Another thing; either the included Ultra Fire CR123 was weak or this thing sucks down a battery real fast.


Mine came with an ultrafire unprotected 16340. Once I gave it a charge it has lasted a lot longer. My son wore the battery down all the way before I got home from work and had a chance to charge it. Didn’t wreck it though. It still works fine.

Oh man . . . ! Greg, you saved my life. I thought that was just a primary. Had to go fish out of the garbage!! Also, I put the damn thing in backwards too. When it didn't come on, I remembered what you said.


You were suffering from mail goodness overload today. It happens, you get all giddy like that.

Hey Foy/Lang i was curious if youve opened it up and if you know if the insides is just like a p60 dropin. as in will it drop into a SF host.

Foy... where did you get your new toy?

Green DPSS lasers are very ineffecient. Mine draws 2.2amps for the 2W IR diode and puts out only >400mW. My 200mw drew about .7amps