Friends First Impression

Well I'm currently visiting a good old friend of mine (who happens to live just a short jaunt down the road from JohnnyMac). We just spent about an hour outside checking out my flashlight collection (his first exposure to high powered LED's). Showed him my KD C8, Palight C8 R5, XM-L modded Maglite, stock 2D Mag LED, Sipik 68 clone, cheapie Home Depot light, Tank EO9, Dongrui All-920, B&D Flex 360, "People's Cree" (DX 150 Lumen 3AAA), and some incandescent Maglites for comparison. Now which one do you think he was most impressed with? The Tank EO9! He couldn't believe the amount of light that little sucker would put out on high from a single AAA alkaline! I'd say he ranked the Dongrui as second most impressive. (XR-E Q5 driven at 2.0A with large reflector). He was definitely more impressed by the throwers!

I think his wife thinks I'm nuts collecting and playing with flashlights!


I gave him a Sipik 68 clone with the "el cheapo" AA extender, one of the Home Depot lights (from the 2pack deal), and a 2D Mag LED (black Friday 50% sale). I think they were a hit! He keeps playing with the Sipik's zoom function. (You were right Boaz! Non-flashoholics love to play with zooms!) Maybe I'll win another guy over!


The SK68 gets them every time. Where abouts were you?

I'm in Brownstown, just south of Ephrata. I've been attending a 3 day conference in Hershey. I always stay with my old work partner from when I used to live in Lancaster. Tomorrow is my last day of the conference and I drive straight home from there.


I work in Reading, not far from there. Have a safe drive home. :)

I gave a buddy of mine (happens to own the place where I get my hair cut) a Sipik SK-68 partially because I didn’t care for it but thought that he would appreciate it.
The next time I went in to get a haircut he came up to me to let me know that that light was his “go to” light and that he had been using it daily!
The virus spreads :slight_smile:

A zoomie gets em every time ..That's why I think CN-RIC is smart carrying lots of zoomers ..It just sucks em in ..I like some of the ebay descriptions ..7 Mode hi-med-low-sos-strobe -tightbeam -wide beam .I gifted one(sk68) to my brother and now he wants more ..he's suddenly Mr.Eneloop..I'd like to have him try something besides else rather than multiple copes of the same light ..any AA zoomie advice ..maybe starting my own thread is appropriate ...naaah


Sipik has an unbeatable WTFOMGWOOTWOOT-factor. Even in flood mode i could light up an entire housing block in a rather dark area from about 60m distance.

Non-flashaholic prefers zoom. Maybe because generally I have noticed that it’s not the lumens but the LUX that makes the impression on average guy.
Rc-C6 and sipiks, my most dealed lights… After them rapidly taking on: cheapo xm-l 18650’s, all of them…

Yeah, I have noticed that non-flashlight people mistake lux for output. I have shown several people my nailbender 3.1A XML/L2P and my MPP1/L2 at the same time and they comment about how much brighter the MPP-1 is. I guess if you just look at the hotspot, it is brighter.