FS: ALL SOLD for now



2) LNIB DQG CW Fairy - $OLD tracking #9405 8036 9930 0342 8178 92 - It was purchased by me on a whim. Never worn & has <1 minute of total runtime. The finish may have a slight patina from holding onto the bare finish for activation(I’m assuming it does because just holding a bare cu or brass light does normally cause slight patina.) If so it can be easily polished off.

3) Excellent conditioned SRK clone - Skyray King 3-Up XML CW - $OLD - tracking # 9405803699300342824531 This light has never left the house & was very sparsely used as a house light. At a glance it looks to be LNIB but I’ll list it as only excellent conditioned just because I don’t want to inspect it with a loupe. :stuck_out_tongue:

4) Up for sale is a LNIB Astrolux S41S w/ Nichia 219B for $OLD with the working replacement head(i.e. that’s as in 1 total head included in this sale - all that’s in the picture.) - tracking #9405803699300345558143 This light has just sat in it’s box on my desk while I waited for the replacement head to arrive. It has seen no carry time & was only turned on max for 5 minutes to verify that it does not have the overheating led problem. Confirmed it does NOT.
While waiting 1~2 months for the shipping to finally begin & then another 1~2 to receive the initial light & then another 1~2 for a working head to arrive I lost all love for owning this light & that is why it is for sale. EDIT -> Well it FELT like months but in total it’s probably only 1-2 months in total.
For those with OCD, while this light has never been carried & minimally handled I did momentarily attach & detach the clip. As such there are tiny scuff marks which should easily polish out if you should desire.
I will include one barely used Efest 18350 battery (only purchased for this light.) It has been top up charged ONCE after the light was on for 5-7 minutes.

SHIPPING - +$6.80 for USPS Priority Mail. Sorry sale is to USA only. I’ll ship it out 1-2days after receiving payment (most like in a day)

Paypal only. This is my 1st sale on BLF but if you need references then a few years ago(~5) I was quite a active buyer/seller/trader on forums such as CPF (under the same screen name)

Thanks for looking.

Price dropped

added a LNIB DQG Fairy

I’ll take this:

  1. CRELANT V4A XP-L HI AA NW – $22


great :+1: CRELANT V4A is SPF.
I’ll get this guy packed up & ready to ship out…

Thanks again.

added a 3-up Skyray King

I’ll take the DQG Fairy.

I will take the skyray king

Thanks again. Your tracking # is 9405 8036 9930 0342 8178 92

It will go out in tomorrow’s mail.

I’ve added a LNIB Astrolux S41S w/ a free/new 18350 Efest battery (the fixed head just came in the mail a few moments ago)

items #2 & 3 are in transit

& I’m holding item#1 until after Thanksgiving for a potential sale in progress. In the meantime I’ll take backups for it.

Thanks for looking!

Price dropped on the Astrolux S41S.

Why buy it from overseas to have it delivered @ a snails pace :confounded: when you can have a working light w/ battery ready to go at your doorsteps in a few days?

I’ll take the Astrolux S41S.

do you also have the non working head for the astrolux?

I’ll go ahead & mark the S41S as SPF. PM sent. :+1:

Sure, it’s in my parts bin.