FS - EA4 w/ w/ box Price Drop...

EA4 + box and access.
$35 + ship

price + $3-$5 for shipping
USA only please

added pic link

Terminators are sweet lights and easy to mod as well.

Are the pics of the flashlight that’s for sale?
Is shipping included, what kind of shipping?

Hey, T-man,

Wow! I went through all 50 or more of your beam comparison and product shots in the Pics link you provided. That’s the most comprehensive set of photos I’ve seen yet for a flashlight, especially in a sale thread. Anybody interested in how the Terminator performs versus a bunch of other lights should take five minutes and go through all the pictures. It’s an educational set of photos regardless of which light you are interested in.

Good luck with your sale!

With kind regards,

Mark H.

added 2 lights

if you want anything, make an offer….

dropped price on SR51

more price drops

A very fair price for the SR51, if I didn't already have two I'd be tempted. You might want to update your profile with your location, puts some people off when you want to sell stuff but won't even list what country you're in.

thanks !

still here

Free shipping this weekend….


still here guys and gals…
think there’s gals…hope anyway


2 sold
1 left :nerd_face:


make offer if you’d like it

dropped price again!