FS: Eagle eye X6 heatsinks ($4-7)

Hey guys up for grabs are left over heatsinks for the eagle eye x6, these will be listed cheap so I can move them faster and I will not be having anymore made :frowning:

I will ship faster this round and will provide tracking

I have 27 aluminum and 10 copper

Aluminum are $4
Copper $7
Shipping $5 priority mail

Please post what u like and I’ll send info thanks

Swib 2C paid

Did anyone ever determine if these fit an X6R? can anyone measure for me?

I’m in for an aluminum if they do

PD do u have that light ? If do I can send u one to try

I don’t anymore, I gifted it. If these fit that would make me buy a new one… Or three

If it did not take weeks to arrive I’d order one to try out

I would like 2 copper, thanks will send pm

Hey Nitro, I had someone measure an X6R for me. Are these ones made to use with a lens or without? Could you measure their height?

Hi Nitro, I’d like 2 copper please.

I’ll measure the height when I get home today, I sent everyone a msg that’s interested

I’m interested in knowing the height too! :smiley:

This is a rough estimate of the size using my cheap calipers

7.62mm high
9.65mm high with the bottom base added that fits in the eagle eye x6
31.65 wide

I’ll take an aluminum one

Im interest in 3 copper pieces.

do you have pics?

PM sent PD, I can upload pics here in a few


1 copper

PayPal sent for 2 copper & shipping, thanks for the deal nitro

Thanks guys all orders placed today will be packaged tonight

Ok I’ll take 3 coppers :slight_smile:

Pm me the cost and shipping to Australia :slight_smile:


I'd take 2 copper, 1 alum. I assume from the pics these are for triples. I prefer triples in these lights. Thanks!