FS: External shunt resistor modded DMM's for accurate high current measurements

New meter available!

These 7135 testing ones are $15shipped, have 3 on hand and plenty more meters, can get new boards.

This is a new meter I'm selling, these are setup for testing 7135's by holding it in place with the legs in the via's, no soldering required. Simply switch it on, connect battery and press 7135 in place, if its good the emitter will light up and the display will read the current (either .35 or .38). The the meter had a piece of Al under the emitter pad and another smaller piece of steel embedded in the side for the magnetic leads to stick to when not in use. The XP can be replaced with an XML

Sold 2 current reading ones, still have one and plenty more DMM's, they're $10 shipped. I have three of these ready to ship, they're harbor freight DMM's that have been outfitted with external shunt resistors for taking accurate high current amp measurements. (Full disclosure I get the DMM's free via coupons, your only paying for shipping and my time to make/calibrate them).

Each of these is calibrated off three different drivers- a 3.04A qlite, a 10A 17dd Zener driver and a 0.5A fenix driver. I'm not sure the max current they're able to measure, I have personally measured up to 21A with them.

Price is $20 $10 shipped in the US, $10 plus actual shipping international. I plan to acquire more and continue making these so hopefully I can have these in stock constantly, I would gladly trade for lights / hosts, high drain 18650's, NCRB's, 14500's, AA eneloops, XP/XM Noctigon's or other modding parts, the only thing I don't need is emitters and drivers.

I have too many HF meters already. If you PM your address, I'll send you any coupons I find.

I can has coupons :slight_smile:

NICE! If I wish I had bought one of them when I first got into flashlights. It took me a while to finally break down and buy a good DMM. But I bet that one works better than anything else close to that price range.

A lot of people don’t get how important good leads and calibration are for getting good readings. I actually don’t post any of my readings just for that reason. I’m still not sure of mine because I haven’t calibrated it. I just use it for modding and to get a good idea of before and after.

Good luck selling these and I really think that anyone who doesn’t have a good DMM should pick one up from you!

Wow thanks for the good word guys!

I have three of these build and ready to go and I already have a pile of more DMM’s sitting around, I tell you guys what since I love this place and want to support it any way I can. I will sell these for $10 shipped (US only) from now on!

Can't pass up a terrific bargain like that, I'll take one.

That is so cool of you to do. Had I not made one recently for myself you would have another customer right here. It is so much more rewarding to do mods when you have good measuring af before and after. Cool price too. Cheaper cannot be found!

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Wow good deal

Received OK, didn't get to play with it yet. Thanks.


New meter available in first post!

Do the pins from a 7135 fall into the vias without modification? (In other words can you test them standing up?)

Is original meter still available?

Yes I have 2 older versions remaining.

Yes that’s how I do it, you can even test ones you bend the legs to 90* for stacking.

Btw the 7135 meter has been modified farther and can now read current like a normal DMM does (using the internal shunt) but has 6” 14AWG wires with alligator clips, this is good for up to ~10A if you don’t need the super high current reading capability but want it to do both functions, test 7135’s and to read current.

PM sent for accurate high current DMM.

Any still for sale? Getting to the point where I really need something that measures current more accurately than the two DMMs I have now.

Free bump, got mine today, thanks CK!

Turns out I'm pushing my EE X6 at 5.7amps on high - that explains why it gets so hot so fast even with the added copper heat sink.

funds sent :slight_smile:

Still have the current readers for sale?

I’m interested in both models too, how much are shipped to Italy?