FS:flashlight sold

I have a NEW DRY 3xCREE XM-L T6 Cool White / Warm Tint 2500-Lumen for sale i paid 75.00 plus s/h and would like to get $60+s/h

Takes 3x18650 battery's only selling to get funds for another project

Also have a 26650 stainless steel flashlight body with McClicky switch, reflector, and lens and pill just add your led and driver asking 40+s/h

can add a 26650 battery for a extra 10.00

Post ill take it followed by a pm for pp info first pays gets it since there are 4 people wants it at the same time lol

Very interested. Does it have the turbo mode or strobe?

Is it cool or warm?


Must be a good light when we just have a hugely successful group buy and still somebody buys a second hand one for about the same price