FS FW lights

SO , I am putting a couple of my FW lights for sale.. I don't Want to sell the whole crew....


FW3C Copper Polished CREE XPL HI 1 CREE XPL HI 3D Paid $59.46 was $50+sh NOW $55 shipped green glo-gasket included SOLD

Light shows signs of carry and nice patina.


FW3TiCU Titanium CREE XPL HI TI+CU / CREE XPL HI 3D Paid $71.97 *Now $60* SOLD

Light shows very light signs of carry, one light scratch down side..


FW21 Grey CREE XPL HI 3D Paid $39.17 Now $35 SOLD

Light shows nothing, received and tested, shelved


FW3S SS Stainless Steel CREE XPL HI 3D Paid $40.27 Now $40 SOLD

Light shows nothing, again received tested and shelved. Price not reduced much as it was a special heavy discount purchase.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FW1A Grey CREE XPL HI XPL HI 3D List #43.95 Now $35 Now $37.50 shipped to US, USPS 1st class SOLD

Light shows no use, tested and shelved...


ALL SOLD, thanks everyone !

I thought it was shipped, I’ll pass, thank you and GLWS.

I probably shoulda have noted…

Prices Don’t include shipping…
will combine items…
prefer USA sale…
Orders locked in , in order posted here…

PM sent

PM sent

I apologize for the confusion.
I threw the ad together and had to drive 45 minutes in the snow to care take a relatives house

I am quoting $5….

If it’s more, I’ll eat it, if it’s less I’ll refund it…
I will do USPS 1st class

Edit: Lights have no problems other than normal occasional finicky-ness
I use the Cu and TiCu fairly often at home…

buy any two triples for listed price, I will toss in the the green glow gaskets, pics added to that folder

I will take FW3S SS Stainless Steel CREE XPL HI 3D. PM follow as we discussed.

SS Sold , payment received. Shipping asap

Thanks a1sealbeach

SS light
TiCu light w/gasket
F21 light


Reducing Fw1A to $37.50 shipped

I’ll take the fw3c cu w/glow gasket. Is the glow gasket the 3d printed one or from Nealsgadgets’s? Was it installed in the light?

from Neal, I installed
Pm sent