FS: Life Gear LG319 / 3-LED / 360 Lumens / New-In-Package

Life Gear LG319: 3-LED / 360 Lumens / Aluminum / Runs on 3 “C” cells / New-In-Package, Never Opened.

Further Details:

$55. - Free Tracked CONUS Shipping from California. PayPal.

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You might try Candlepowerforums where they care about brand-name and love their Surefires,etc. Thats not really a budget light and 360 lumens is fairly terrible for such a big light. A 2xAA light for 12 bucks will put out near the same lumens with 1 XP-G2 emitter.

Life Gear is not really a High End flashlight brand name like Surefire. There are many much more expensive true High End non budget flashlights being sold, talked about, and reviewed here on Budget Light Forum. For example Fenix TK75 ($199.00), Nitecores, Sunwayman etc.

I own this light (2 of them) and the 360Lm is probably an understatement, it’s pretty bright, but it’s not anything amazing. A lot of budget lights advertise “1000Lm” and are really only 300-400

This puts out more light than my 500Lm rated Xeno E03 on 14500, and more than my 1000Lm rated $14 budget XML T6 light with single 18650. My Small Sun ZY-T13 is considerably brighter for 1/2 the price, but the LG360 seems constructed better and has better anodization.

This Triple P4 light is somewhat outdated by today’s standards, I bought mine in 2009 for about $40. They are currently listed online from about $49 to $59. And I agree I don’t think anyone on here would buy one when they could get a TR-3T6 or something similar for around $30-$35. But I don’t think he would benefit by listing it on CPF either, he should try selling it on ebay.

I will say this, the company has excellent customer service, after owning the light for 3 years the plastic LED centering ring under the reflector broke, I called the company and they immediately mailed me out a whole new light free of charge! And they didn’t even want the old one back!

I think the price was in line with other similar triple led lights available in 2009. If it costs a little more it may be worth it because this light has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and they make good on it. Also purchasers of this light get FREE replacement batteries from the company website and pay only shipping for them.

By the way, where can I get a 2AA light with an XP-G2 emitter for $12 bucks? That sounds like a pretty good deal.