FS: Lots of things

Sounds like they sold but can I get some info on the 5 little black stacked hosts? Where are they from?


damn that is deceptive did not realize they were that big! thanks for the link.

But I like the style and the way it’s built

Yeah looks pretty cool. I like the proportions and I have big hands so the size is fine.

I might have another for sale if u like it ?

Was actually thinking about buying the full torch from CNQG… Don’t have experience building up hosts. Did you keep & build any, and if so what components did you use?

I just used a 2.8a driver with a XML-U2 led

I don’t have big hands, and the host feels like a really good size to me. (It’s only 1/4” / 6mm bigger in diameter than a D cell mag.)

And since finding things is sometimes a needle in a haystack problem, here are two of Chicago X’s awesome builds with this host:

Thanks that’s some wicked building skills there. Out of my league for sure.