FS: Lots of things

Need to make some extra cash for some projects so here is what I have

Next is a tri bored mag with 17670 holder asking $70 shipped
Battery is extra

Luma power led make offer

Next is a 1D made by ChicagoX comes with lens

Asking 65 shipped

Lime green mag body that needs threaded on top to make a custom light comes with a new FIVEMEGA McClicky switch

Asking 35 shipped

Brand new headlights they are 9005

Asking 38 shipped new they are 60 plus tax

Reserved first to post what they like gets it

Ok info on your unknown 4
Are these the ones that take three 18650’s?

I could use a multimeter, is it easy to replace the blown fuses? I’ll take it if it is, haha.

Its the host that takes three 18650

And the multimeter fuses are very easy to replace

My Paypal is asphericlenses@yahoo.com

Add 4% if using Paypal please

I’ll take one of the $30 Long run time hosts if you can check the shipping to England, if it adds over $10 to the price I’ll leave it. Thanks for your time though.

Edit payment sent, let me know if its an issue. :slight_smile:

Ill take one of those hosts too.

PP Sent

Crap put me down for one of the 4before there all gone lmao

Getting in line for one of the 4 hosts. PM sent.

Ok nitro. Check your pm’s before shipping mine paypal is the same as my blf name. There is a blf courier service in action so my host needs to ship conus before being hand delivered to England. Clock’s ticking…… tick tock tick tock… :bigsmile:

all 4 long run host sold

Snap on meter might be pending funds

Ps: 1d mag comes with switch and rubber boot

I will take the mini mag. PM me your paypal.

Pm sent

Another item added, all buyers that paid yesterday has been shipped


Got my host today. Perfect condition and fast fast ship.

thanks nitro!

No problem, had one light missing the battery holder lol idk how when they are all new

funds sent

I know that my host has completed the first leg of its journey. The blf courier service is dealing with the next part, along with some goodies to fill it…… :bigsmile: