*FS: MasTech MS8268 MultiMeter

Hi, I bought this meter about 7 months ago and barely used it. I love it because it does accurate Amp measurements, something my other meters wouldn’t do.

They go for $28.98 at Amazon, how about $22 :slight_smile:


( Discount if bought together with this digital lux meter - *FS: Digital Light Meter LX1330B )


I have one of these. I can't tell if it's good, but it looks neat. One of the main reasons I bought it is because it uses AAA batteries.

I found it to be pretty darned accurate…for this price I should probably just keep it.


Man just because your getting out of flashlights doesnt mean you wont need a DMM, I recommend keeping it (tho selling the LUX meter makes sense). It can be invaluable in diagnosing problems with so many different areas of electrical stuff, not just lights, things like the fuses in your car can easily and instantly be checked, you can diagnose poorly / non operating gadgets around the home. Just because your not into flashlights anymore it would be a shame to sell such a capable and multi-use tool such as this. Even if you feel you’re sure you dont need one and wont need one, I promise you one day you will.

I own around $7500 worth of hand tools (and that’s zero exaggeration- hand tools only, not counting air/power tools, tool storage or large equipment). I’m an ASE certified mechanic by training but currently own/run my own machine shop and probably 40% of those see near zero use in day-to-day work however I would NEVER even think about selling any…

Just saying, selling tools almost always comes back to bite you, it may be years from now but I promise you will find a use for a DMM again, sooner if you do sell it.


Don’t worry Cereal Killer, I’ve got another one. :wink:

(and I’m not getting out of flashlights…just modding)