FS: Modded Thrunite TN31 (Sold)

Hey all, time to sell some lights to be able to buy more lights! I think this may be contributing to my addiction?? Oh well…

I am selling my modified Thrunite TN31 with bumped current and XP-L Hi emitter as seen in this thread Current Mod Finished! Thrunite TN31 Hi.. Around 372kcd intensity, unsure of lumens, but pretty dang high!
I am asking $90 $85 with free shipping in the US, or $85 $80 plus actual shipping everywhere else.

The light is in great condition. There are a few little scuff spots, mostly from trying to open the head to modify it.



Pics please!

Added pictures.

What kind of mods were done to the light? I know you gave the short version, just wanted to know the parts & such

Got to admit I was a little confused about that myself.

I replaced the emitter with an xp-l Hi on 32mm noctigon. I bypassed all springs and polished the battery carrier. I added a resistor to the driver to bump up overall amperage to the emitter.

Can you still adjust the output with the wheel?

Yup, selector ring still adjusts output. Even retained that patterned strobe that thrunite has.

can you PM me a postage quote to Australia.

Price reduced!