FS: Shadow JM26 XM-L2 U4 on copper

Trying to whittle my flashlight collection down to those which I use on a regular basis and free up some $$$ for other projects.

Externally it is in good-excellent condition with the odd small nick in the anodizing. Internally there are a couple of scratches from me attempting to get it apart. I also had to drill a hole behind the LED board shelf and driver retaining ring plastic to get into it. Other then that it is in good condition.

The stock XML-T6 has been replaced by an XM-L2 U4 on a copper Maxtoch board which has resulted in about 40-50% higher output.

$35 (US), Shipping internationally should be about $15. To AU should be ~$7.

I will consider de-doming at the buyers request.