FS- ThruNite TN30, NIB $OLD

ThruNite TN30, in retail box w/ all accessories.
20 minutes runtime, ridiculously bright, great throw and flood, a super all around light.
If you want just one light that can do it all, this is it.<<<
It is the smallest brightest retail 3x XML light out right now that I know of

Brighter and better throw than the TM11, the DRY, 5T6, or the SkyRay King (I’ve owned them, so you can count on it):slight_smile:

$OLD <<<<< Price drop!
Paypal or MO



FYI, hk equipment accepts lower than $200!

thanks for the threadcrap…
remind me to do the same for you sometime

If its any consilation i havent bought one and wondered if the USED[key point of intrest]TN30 would or would not attract DUTY through UKs customs.The fact that it WILL,makes the item a no go for me.When shipping +insurance+duty is all taken into account.The purchase wouldnt be worth it.Along with the fact i can buy a new one for the same[ish]money and may squeeze free shipping,have a full warranty and its new.This also would acctract duty offcourse,but sometimes buisness can work with eachother.




you are in UK?

up it goes

still here

swap with a mint TK70?

Yes,im 100% Englishman…… :disguised_face:,Why,you got a deal on it for me




Happy Days


glad you sold it…sensational light!

and the Firefoxes 3 is on it’s way… :bigsmile: