FS: ThruNite TN31 CW XM-L $125 US Only.

Well, as much as it is a fun light to own, I just never use it as my most common use for my lights is walking the dog and this light only serves to distract her as she chases the hotspot, lol. It is the original CW XM-L U2 version. It will come with the manual, case, lanyard and o-rings it shipped with. I had the battery carrier sand blasted by saabluster and have had 0 flickering or any other issues with it ever. I am asking $125 shipped, US Only. As of now I have no pictures, I just wanted to get the thread up to see if there’s any interest, if pictures are needed I will get some. Feel free to PM with any questions.

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Here’s a bump for a great seller. :bigsmile: Can you post some pics please?

Yea, I will get some tonight. The case won’t be in them as that’s stored in the bedroom closet and my fiancee will be sleeping when I get home at midnight. I will get pictures of the light and lanyard and the sand blasted battery carrier.

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Does sandblasting the battery carrier give better electrical contact? Looks good.

Yea, I had it done because my TN30 flickered on the 2 highest modes so I just sent him both carriers. After the sandblasting I haven’t had any flicker in the TN30 with either carrier.


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If you end up not selling, I bet throwing an MG-T2 in there would make it a very useful light to you. You should get a much bigger hotspot, more spill, and great tint. I’m guessing the driver would have no problem with it.

Not willing to touch it, don’t want to mess the light up.


My offer still stands I pm'ed. I hope you can do better, but if not, I'm good for it.

I’ll throw in the 3x Xtar 3100mAh cells I’ve been using in it for $145 shipped for everything. This light is 100% flawless.

You can also PM me with offers.

How about $130, light with cells.

I’ll take it.

Sending PM.