FS: Tri bored mag/w holder SOLD

Have a very nice tri bored mag that takes three 17670 battery’s and comes with a FM holder and shorten spring I’m asking 70 shipped or parcel trade and $$$

Ah crap, I just might have to pull the trigger on this for my PilotPTK module. I need to figure out what batteries to run though. Seems like AW's are the only options really.

The Sanyo 16650s may work In it. They’d also give you more capacity.

I was considering that, but I'm too afraid to use unprotected cells in series ;)

This thing would rock with an MT-G2 9V with either this or this driver or an MT-G2 6V with this driver.

Those respective emitter/driver combinations mildly overdrive and fully drive the MT-G2 and should let you use 3x17650, 3x16650, or 6xCR123A. Drool.

Intl-Outdoor has protected Sanyo 16650s. I have four if them myself. They are excellent cells.

Oh I just noticed they have the option for protected. $19 a pop though, yikes!

That’s for a pair of them.

Wow, I should learn to read ;)

Bump make offer ?

Who done the machine work Nitro, if you don’t mind me asking.

I’m not sure I bought it off eBay and the guy said it was from a member on CPF

Just dug through my eBay msg and he said

Mac’s Customs so I no that was not cheap to have done


Wow that was fast. Congrats to the luck buyer. :slight_smile:
Should be top quality machine work.

Hate to see it go but I needed funds to buy host to do a clone build of the DEFT :slight_smile:

But mine will be the micro deft :slight_smile: it will be small and powerful

Sweet, using the ahorton? I'm looking to do a reflowed-to-heatsink build with my L2m and ahorton.

No once I get the host ill measure how big I need the lens but I’d say it will be around 25-30mm aspheric lens

If someone wants a project I do have a custom machined heatsink with 4 holes that takes 4 Ahorton lens kits with a polished shower head both for 50 shipped

Or 4 p60 drop in modules will fit

Would be a nice thrower project