FS: Trustfire TR-J12 w/ KD Beast Driver and 2 Hi-Max 26650 cells $70 shipped, US Only

OK, since the ThruNite TN30 hasn’t sold I will try selling a couple of other lights instead. This TR-J12 works well, did the KD driver upgrade and it seems pretty nice, 5 modes with 0 PWM flicker with none of the modes being strobes. All original accessories included, tube extension, case reducer, holster and I think I still have the clear plastic pouch it came in. I will throw in the 26650s I’ve been using, only cycled 3 or 4 times. I will say that the driver job could possibly use a bit of clean in up and should get a new spring in head as I tried to ASD some wire to the stock one to improve current handling and now it’s stiff as a rock and bent to the side. Should take 15 minutes or less with a soldering iron to fix. Asking $70 shipped, can take pictures if needed, any other offers can be sent to me via PM. Thanks!

Remember, I am definitely open to your offers!

Very interesting...

Lol, why is it very interesting?

beast drivers, nice. Why would u sell it then?

Bought a ThruNite TN30 and it is equally as bright but has 2 advantages, Ring Selector for modes which I love, and it’s NW, after my first NW light I fell in love with them and haven’t used the TR-J12 much since, which is a shame since other than that it’s an awesome light. Basically trying to recoup some of the price of the TN30 as I am looking at paying for a wedding and can’t justify keeping all my high powered lights.

This is a really good deal, if I had the cash I'd get it.

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Interesting because it’s very tempting. I don’t have the cash right now but will eventually but I also don’t really need it but on the other hand I’d love to have it…interesting.

if i didnt already have one i would buy this at this price :slight_smile: 4000 lumens on high!

Still available! :smiley:

I would buy it, if I wasn’t saving up for an HID.

You want this one too :smiley:

so its only as bright as your tn30? which one throws more and also more floody?

I would say brighter, TN30 has 40k lux while stock TR-J12 is measured in the 25k range. The 2 reasons I am selling are I have beocme a NW addict and I love the mode selector ring on the TN30.

Do you have a link to the driver you put in?


Come on guys, good price here :wink:

All your moniez are belong to me! :money_mouth_face:

That driver spring sure looks like it could use a dose of viagra.