FT NICE Batteries

Got an email this AM that Fast Tech had Nice batteries in stock. I went to the site and ordered 3 ea AA and AAA. When I got to the checkout I found that the shipping was $34. There did not seem to be a way to get the free shipping so I cancelled the order.
Did I miss some code?
Guess the lithium shipping problems still exist.


I was lowballed by Efest on battery prices. Their website had pink Sanyo 2600’s @ $3.65 and I ordered six. In the Paypal invoice, they raised the price significantly and said it was the “corrected” price. Then they tacked on an equally significant DHL shipping charge which was not showing at checkout. I know Efest delivers their final price by invoice and everybody is free to do bidness with whomever they please, but I don’t plan to order from them again b/c I do not like surprises.

There’s a warning on all battery listings, and another warning on the shipping selection, several announcements on the forum.

They’re only shipping batteries via expedited.

FastTech are shipping batteries now by Malaysia Post too (see the customize shipping option at checkout).

Thanks for the info cat woman. Will check it out.

I almost clicked buy to give it a shot, then realized I already have a surplus of batteries. Such a weird feeling. :~

If it does work similar to other companies shipping Liion through maly then you’re looking at 3-5 weeks. Just a heads up.

Thanks Chloe,
I ordered some using Malaysia Post. I am in no hurry so will see how long that takes.
Thanks, again,