FT03-Mini teardown with pics (sfs80 version) (can we get new firmware)

so i pulled it apart so we can see if we can flash new firmware on it. i’ll help with more pics if necessary Pics to follow

it appears to be some kind of nuvoton microcontroller. also after tearing this down i noticed the thermal paste that it came with is terrible

if the data sheets are correct it seems to have the same pins i would use to flash an attiny. not sure if they are compatible at all.

All I can see in your pictures is the Nanjing Micro One ME4059ASPG-N charging controller and the Nanjing Micro One 7135 linear regulator.

in the last picture there is a 3aq20 microcontroller its kinda hard to make it out

I hadn't really looked at this light much and at first glance noticed an oddly high MOON mode . The knee jerk reaction is to wonder why no true moon ?

but even shrugging that off I next am left asking how badly configured is the spacing on this UI ?

Output (LM)






moon low med high turbo

Is this just crap mode spacing?

won't moon and low look exactly alike ....and then high and turbo almost the same as well ?

it all seems a bit odd for a modern light

I have this light and moon is definitely not 63 lumens. I don’t have my lumen tube with me but I would say it is definitely under 10 lm.