Fujicell AA 2800mah for Australian buyers

Anyone heard of FUJICELL 2800 mah AA's

Are these any good? I found a great deal on these 8 pack for AUD$21 ( includes postage of 5.99). Only good until 12 midday tomorrow

Only good for Australian buyers


don't know if i would trust them though, and they are most likely not a LSD. IMO LSDs are far more useful in torches which last you more than a week. The self discharge of standard NiMH is annoyingly high.

Other than that, its not a bad deal at about 2+ dollars a cell, however at that price, consider the Turnigy LSD AA from hobby king. Shipping included, they come close to the same price, but I'm my experience, are Very good cells for their price, Exceeding Eneloop performance for a fraction of the price of eneloop in australia.

Edit* the turnigy LSD is known to be a good cell, i dont know what the fuji is like

If that is the case I will get some- seeing the price of eneloops here in Aus is high - I normally have been waiting till I see a 4 pack for about $20 or so then buying a couple of packs at a time, trouble is there is always more devices that keep coming into the house that gobble them up.

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I dont know what the fujicell is like.

Fujicell do make an LSD but I don't think this is one of them. If the mah is close they may be okay but I don't think they will be lsd. I have too many aa's anyway. Might check out the turnigy's as I could do with some more aaa

If your looking for a charge and go cell , they may be fine /

If you want to charge a battery stuff it in a light and leave it alone for 3 months ?