Funky looking Zoom flashlight that may take 26650 batteries

I just stumbled on this little thing that looked too "fat" to just use a 18650 battery. And sure enought, when you look at the oictures closely then there is a insert sleeve for the 18650.

And then the interesting part.

And is this another sleeve or it is just me??

I know the emitter may suck for your specific need, but at least it looks like it has a big lens, a big battery compartment and if you use it in stock form and it does take a 26650 battery then you would have runtimes like... forever almost.

And what about that head. It is like they took a spear clone head and made its insides look like porn!

EDIT: I just realised that if it takes 26650 then i posted in the wrong subforum... Doh!

I might be wrong, but I believe that this is a AAA light that includes a sleeve for a 18650 battery. I don't think a 26650 would fit, but I could be wrong...

It says body diameter 26mm, it will be difficult to place a 26650 in..

But specs many times are wrong who knows.

I did not feel a 26650 would fit just looking at the picture, but if anyone wants to take the risk..hehe.

I did not pay attention to the specs! Sorry about that...

Do not worry Ledsmake, that is the way many times we can find some interesting things, the more we share the more we learn :)

Thanks :-)

FWIW I have two very similarly styled ones without the red garish stuff and they have 18650 tubes/3xaaa holders and are 24mm internal diameter. They are great with the uniform beam for poking around and power cuts! Power went off the other week for a few hours and luckily dinner had just finished cooking and we ate with the pair- one upturned and the other hanging off the led spots!

… but the topic can go on.

I’m looking for a zoom that will take a 26650 (protected)
with a solid pill for heat transfer
so I can swap in a star (20mm or 16mm)


"Send Nits B-650" comes to my mind. I'll get one soon(ish - I hope).

Available only from taobao or GearBest at the moment, but I have a strange feeling that there might be a GB upcoming.. ;)

Edit: Here's a link to GearBest.

Come on group buy!

Why is the beam square? Is that because of the lens they are using? Seems interesting…

That's a sign of maximum focus. An aspheric lens is supposed to redirect all the rays of light that hit it directly from the emitters so that they're parallel with each other, which results in an image of the emitter. Because of this, light that doesn't hit the aspheric lens is undesirable, and should be eliminated so that weird artifacts like rings are avoided. Zoomies defocus the beam to achieve a rounder hotspot down to the full flood beam profile.

According to the design as well as the brief review posted a while ago in here , this seems a high quality Zoomie, maybe the only one other than patented led lensers.
The price is too steep though. 30USD seems more reasonable.

Thank you for the information! Are there any similar lights that have this pattern? I searched for lights with aspheric lenses and they don’t seem to be as well focused as this one. I am very interested in this light now.

Lights with fixed aspheric lenses (no zoom) will often defocus slightly to get rid of the image of the emitter because lots of people don't like that. Most zoomies will project an image of the emitter.

Best “parts laid out” picture I’ve seen:\_!!45786209.jpg

Yeah, I’d leap into a good group buy on a 26650 zoom with the good innards for modification.
Heck, leave off the emitter and driver and offer just a really good solid pill — I dream.

either not meant for us sale or nobody bothered to check the meaning of the name.
i sure dont want to receive nits(lice eggs)so dont send them!

i have one buy on dealsmachine.

I received a Send Nits B-650 yesterday from GearBest's World Cup Giveaway. I didn't have a chance to take it out, but I did peak into the package. It looks like a really cool light. I will do my best to post a review this weekend.

Did you receive nits with it? (Just kidding)

You'll love it!

A bit underdriven at 2.1A and driver FW could be updated, but otherwise a really nice light. >50g pill and all.. I already modded mine to 2.8A & L2 T6 4D (+ TheStar FW) and I like it way more than any other zoomie I have. [2.8A + TheStar will be the GB config, if we can get into agreement with the manufacturer]

Do I remember correctly that you have tools for flashing in another FW? Would you like to test TheStar in that light? (Just PM me your email address and I'll send the hex file to you)