Funny Headlight

I get a kick out of these. I wonder how many they sell.

Reminds me of JohnnyMac’s avatar!

Wow, I haven't heard that name in a while.

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Ol’ Sparky…

That really is a Car Headlight

And it says it’s “Ultraportable”! Doesn’t look too safe though - look at the dangling battery connectors. But it’s probably pretty bright, right? Good find Plotthound :+1:

We’ve seen so much today that it’s actually tough to find funny stuff. Most people “LOL” or even “ROTFL” without even chuckling. But this…

…this headlamp was funny. The X-braced straps really highlight the practicality of the product :wink: .

“Gold brand high quality ballast”

They then show that this headlamp will help you harvest more ducks :laughing: , which is surely a universal problem, I would think. Everyone can relate.

It’s also “Ultraportable” and weighs only 0.56KG (1.23lbs.)

I notice that there are some other very-large-reflector headlamps down in the “Seller Recommendations” area, too. If I were rich, I might buy things like this as gifts :slight_smile: .

There’s nothing inherently “wrong” with this idea or product, but it’s certainly new to me and probably not something I would want attached to my head.

Ultra-portable is one thing, but great for closeup work might be it’s real forte.


HID 220W and 18-20K lumen… that’s like five cars headlights full blast!
I wonder how practical it is considering the beam which look very narrow…

Emitting Color: 220W This company needs a better English translator.

It doesn’t show the 40 pound battery you have to carry along with it. It would exhaust any ordinary decent sized 12V battery in short order.

Great for Hunting!

It just screams “I am NOT a deer!”

Oh good, just what I need, a head-mounted signal light to the space station…

What would people think when they see you wearing that? :smiley:

…Vegas says, waving hand to include 99% of companies on AliExpress, Banggood, eBay, etc.

Even more of what you thought when you merely saw it on a web page :wink: . “OMG, look at that guy! He’s got a headlight on his head and a car battery in his arms! They must be filming a funny sci-fi movie! Maybe we can be extras!

I think the whole reason they’ve elected to put this onto a “headlamp” is so you can use both arms for the battery.

Though hilarious, I’m now waiting for someone on BLF to buy one and rig up a 4S LiFePO4 battery pack for it…

I just glanced at the item page again and must admit that I laugh every time I see the alligator clips hanging off the back of the model. They missed a huge opportunity here, as this might have gone viral image if they had used an attractive female model instead. They probably couldn’t convince any to don it.

They’ve sold a few of these and the feedback is good, but not a single buyer has uploaded any images, let alone pics of them wearing it :laughing: .

Oh, and they “only” claim 18,000-20,000 lumen.

Probably would make a decent thrower with the big reflector it has. I’m imagining a mod to a 2P or 4P 18650 battery pack and maybe a white flat. Is that crazy?

There are plenty of similar models available, so you could pick whichever format that you think would be best to mod.

I’m not an emitter expert, so I may very well be wrong here, but I don’t think that it’s easy to mod a reflector for a xenon or other columnar bulb to work with an LED because the focal point is off. Is that a valid concern or not? Wouldn’t LED reflectors focus to the bottom opening while automotive-style reflectors focus to a point higher than that? Swapping an LED should make it near-sighted, I think :nerd_face: .

Pretty sure they're supplying NASA with that equipment.

I believe you are correct about the focal point… I’ve seen this argument about automotive retrofits (halogen to LED). I don’t know how useful the light would be either, but it would be cool in a goofy way

Yes, it’s a cool idea and I recommend trying it, but the result might not be a decent thrower as that would likely require proper focusing. I merely wanted to moderate your expectations in that regard :wink: .

Thanks , I got a good laugh out of that !