Fura S35VN knife review

So i know how crazy everyone is about the Ganzo knives, and I wanted to take the chance to do a quick review on the Fura S35VN knives at gearbest.
Plus I just set up a imgur account to try to fix the damage that the other company (the one whose name we must not say) has done. Next step is to start transferring hundreds upon hundred of pictures over to imgur.

Fura S35vn Knives @ Gearbest
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So I saw these S35vn knives that Fura is making and at first thought… it’s a trap! Then I started to think about the quality that Ganzo is putting out, and how nice the steel is on the Y-start D2 knives is for the money and decided I had to be the guinea pig and try these out. Ended up at my door in about 12 days and was packaged in a small tin case with a plastic viewing window.

This thing is a small knife! But also very heavy for such a small thing. My scale is missing… probably stolen by drug dealers, so I can’t say exactly what the weight is on this.


This knife is as simple as it gets. No pocket clip. No lanyard hole, no keychain ring. Just a knife. The knife uses a double ball/detent system to hold the blade in the closed and open position. There is a small lockbar milled into the frame that contains the ball and provides tension for the knife. It opens with a pill shaped thumbhole and has a cutout so that you can reach into it. There is a stop pin on the blade that connect with the frame to keep the knife from over extending. It is an open pillar construction with 2 torx screws holding the knife together, one of them being the pivot.

My Youtube Review:



So I pulled this little gem out of the box and flipped it open and it was nice and smooth. It looks like 1 phosphor bronze washer and one nylon. I was unable to shake the knife open no matter how hard I tried. The ball and detent held it closed with ridiculous amounts of shaking. I took the knife to some carboard and it instantly bound up! Panic envelopes me that this was going to be a disaster. I took the knife to my arm hair and it shaved the hair off easily. Took it to paper and it cut. Then I brought it to a receipt and is did not cut that. I looked at the knife closely and noticed that the bevel was extremely steep. I put it against a flat surface and the angle was imposing. That explains the poor performance with cardboard. The steep bevel was binding up the cardboard and not allowing the sharp edge to slice.

So after some whining, and more whining I decided to reprofile the edge. This thing is s35vn steel (allegedly) and it would benefit from a nice thinned out edge. So I busted out the DMT and Eze-lap diamond stones and started with the extra coarse. I easily took about 10 degree away from the bevel angle over the course of about 2 hours. Slowly and methodically checking it with a sharpie marker as I went. I can say that this is a very tough steel! This was not an easy task at all! So after about so hours my new established angle finally met up with the edge and created a new apex. It took a wicked wire edge! I then quickly (about 20 minutes) worked my way through my fine and ultra fine diamond stones to refine the edge. Having the shallower bevel made it a little easier to sharpen as the bevel was now big enough to rest firmly on the stone as I sharpened. After the ultra-fine I took the knife to my arm and had a nice bald spot to show for it! I then pulled out the strop and went from black compound, to green, and then finally with a .5 micron diamond paste. It now had a nice fine edge with no burr, and grabbed at my nail like my best knives.

I was happy!

I took it to cardboard and the performance difference was huge! I was able to cut through entire 12-20” piece of thick corrugated coardboard without it binding. I took it to paper and it sliced nicely. It was still a little shy around receipt paper though, but I think that is due to their still being alot of meat around the edge that was tearing the receipt paper rather than letting the edge cut.

So I cut about 40-50 linear feet of cardboard and the edge was just as good as when I started. I did not I did have one spot on the edge where I had a rough spot, but I think it was due to my sharpening skills more than anything. When I tried to slice cut I noticed it, but did not notice it with push cuts.

I’ve done quite a bit of edge testing with knives and 40-50 feet of cardboard will dull all but the best of steels. The only steels I’ve had go over 50 feet of cardboard are D2, CTS-XHP, VG10 (spyderco), s35vn, 690co. So I am satisfied to say that my results for Fura’s S35VN are in line with my previous tests. Most cheaper steels like 440C and 8CR13MOV will only do about 30-50 feet of cardboard before they lose that edge.

My Opinions:

This is a tough knife to review. There are no S35VN knives on the market under $60. This little guy comes in around $25. Firstly I will say this knife would be greatly improved with a lanyard ring. A small paracord lanyard would really make this more comfortable to hold onto. I really don’t think the handle is titanium. It just feels too heavy. I suppose that it is stainless steel with a titanium coating.

I’ve dealt with this double detent locking system with some SRM knives. You have to be super careful because one little smack and it can close on you. So treat this knife accordingly. But it does hold the blade firmly in place while the knife is closed.

It opens smoothly and you can open and close it with one hand.

Aside from cutting cardboard I also did some meal prep for a few days, and used it to cut zip ties and let it spend a little time in the garden pruning tomato plants. It cuts nicely and has maintained a good edge for me. I am happy with the quality of the steel and heat treat.

I think if Fura expands on this line and makes some larger knives with a frame/liner lock they would be wildly successful if they can keep the price low.
These Fura Knives ride nicely in the watch pocket of your jeans by the way. They also drop easily into the console of a car and other small places like your pen drawer at your work desk.

This knife is in no way, shape, or form going to compete with a small spyderco. But for half the price they are not a bad little investment. That is with the huge caveat that if you want to use it for fine tasks your going to have to spend some time reprofiling that edge and thinning it out.

Would I buy this again?

Yes. This is a handy little knife to stash away, and I’m happy with the cutting performance after I reprofiled the edge.


Cool review.

I can’t help but be always doubtful about the steels used in Chinese knives, especially the high-end ones :slight_smile:

1/ Thank you for the review, I own a similar bean knife and like it too
2/ I highly doubt that it’s real S35VN steel at that price
3/ I think it’s fair to mention that this is obviously a Serge Pachenko knock-off. I have nothing against copies, but I would have prefered it without the original logo :frowning:

Nice review, thanks!, cool to read about the improvement of the edge, something I can not do myself. I have one of these little knives too and not being an expert on knives, I like it for the cool design and usefulness for small everyday tasks (opening boxes, peeling fruit and such). I indeed keep it in the small pocket in my jeans.

Æons ago, I got a few surplus M1 Garand bayonets, which were/are quite nice, but the probably 45° angle at the edge wouldn’t get sharp at all, so I had to do similarly and grind it down. Took off a lot of whatever coating it had on it, though.

The more I got into sharpening the more I realized how much edge geometry matters.

The industry as a whole needs to move away from these really thick blades on folders. It’s just pointless.

I ordered one of them,a Kizer Odin Ki5523 with S35vn.I have read very good reviews for this.I hope it is good.

Yes, my sentence was not very clear, I obviously meant cheap chinese knives with advertised hi-end blade steel

Now, Kizer is a well established higher-end brand, they don’t cheat on their blade steels.

If you guys like this light. The Fox Bean Gen 2 is worth a look also. Just 440c steel, but a nice simple knife and officially by Serge Panchenko.

Seeing this thread revived, it is worth noting that three Fura knives have since been tested through LTK. All three of them had false steel stamps. All three claimed D2 and all three were 8Cr14Mov. I don’t know about this particular knife but I’d say concerns over getting real S35VN at this price were well founded.

This is a major problem in the industry. The Furas and Eafengrows out there continue to cast a long shadow over legitimate Chinese manufacturers. It’s very sad and I’d love to see it stop.

I have also a fura s35vn knife. Its not s35vn for sure. Its some sort of 8cr steel. which isnt bad but why not tell the truth(the brand). Cardboard cutting also has a lot to do with edge angle compared to the steel and to the blade stock. I also dont think its high quality titanium. Its softer which makes it cheaper to machine. As long as its not a framelock it doesnt matter to much.

I too have one of these knives and I use it often mainly because it’s so easy to carry. It lives in the coin/watch pocket of my jeans and fits in there perfectly. I hate knives flopping around in a pocket.

I too had noticed how thick the blade was behind the edge and it took a bit of doing with my diamond Lansky set to bring the angle back and allow it to perform better.

Don’t really care what steel it is, but it resisted re-profiling pretty well and it stays sharp. No rust either. I use it for smaller tasks because of the size and lack of a locking mechanism, but that’s 99% of the stuff I do. No bushcrafting or survival tasks in my everyday world.

It is too bad that it’s a rip-off, down to the maker’s mark. I had no idea until it was brought up on a forum. Hopefully it’ll shed light onto his actual knives and Spyderco collaborations.