FW21 Pro with Osram LEDs??? Would I be the only one interested?

I’ve just been reviewing my FW21 Pro. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I think the light would be significantly improved if it used different LEDs.

Namely the:

W1 (Osram CULNM1.TG)

W2 (Osram CULPM1.TG)

Personally I think the W2 is the sweet spot as it offers quite a big lumen jump over the W1, but with only marginally less throw.

I know the small reflectors on the FW21 Pro would never make this a true “thrower”. But I’m thinking this LED would give it pretty good beam distance and pretty good lumen output all round. And make it a very versatile and usable light. Up close it would still be bright with enough flood, but the small LED would mean you could actually light stuff up further away too.

I know BIG lumen numbers sell…… but the reality is, sometimes less is more. And I think something with much higher lux than the XHP50.2’s would do wonders for this light.

Anyone else feel the same?

I would like to see one, dunno if I’ll buy one though. It all depends on the performance. I dunno how much lux you will get though. The reflector looks very shallow. They have the lumintop 9xl which you maybe interested. It’s with the sbt 90

I don’t know what Osram that little tk16 I just got has but OMG they rock. I just tried this tiny little light out and amazed doesn’t cut it - it’s amazing!
Aside from that the UI is killer. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried Acebeam’s UI chickendrumstick (I hadn’t)- but the ui, I think barring the ramping not being there - it’s the best I’ve used.

What you won’t like is the button on the rear (electronic) and it sticks out proud - barely tailstands - but I’ll forgive it for being so good.
Oh and I’ll have a go at that bit for you tomorrow :+1:

Thanks, not one I’m familiar with. the Cd ratings for the Osram version look very good. Do they do an 18650 version?

I think the TK18 is roughly the same, but takes the 18650, looks slightly different in design.
The tail is different, and the front has crenelations.
Review for Ally one - link
Is available in copper or aluminium ACEBEAM

Thanks. They look quite nice, but more pricey than what I’d normally spend on a torch though. Not keen on the pocket clip design, it’s the wrong way round for me and there doesn’t look to be a recess to reverse it.

I also can’t quite follow the claimed stats.



Either they use a different optic on the 18650 version, which I’d assume would be unlikely. Or there is something wrong with their stats. I guess it could be a typo on the cd value for one, which when calculating beam distance would show the same error. But if the stats are correct, the 18650 is nowhere near as throwy.

I think that review I pointed to is not osrams, may be why (if you got it from there). Yes they are pricey, maybe look out for a 2nd hand or unused one on here - is where I got mine, was new and sealed.
I’ll have a go at that bit this afternoon, now the shed is being hit with sun lol - it was like Ice Station Zebra the last few days :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Wuben L50 with a Osram in it and for a tube light it throws well.


Figures were from the Acebeam site. Might have to add one to the ‘list’. Have to be careful though if you know what I mean lol :person_facepalming:

Right, I made your ring for the kr4 tail mate :+1: Hope it helps. the blue side goes up - that will wipe off with isopropyl or alike, give it a good wipe off with that to get any greasy bits off. I’d suggest you superglue it on, if you use double sided tape it might not grip well enough, but you could try it first, I’ll pop a bit in the package. If you want it less deep you could just rub it down on some wet/dry paper.
When i get mine in the post I might try to make something different, hard to do without being in hand, but it is to sizes you gave roughly.
Pop me your address over pm and I’ll get it off to you. :slight_smile: