FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Please don’t use a kickstarter on this light … I’m old and vote for an electric start.

Woops. Hard to keep track of 2500 posts. That thing is crazy tiny! Would be nice to see a FW1A in the future as well. Thanks!

Ever had to get out and hand-crank the engine to get it started? It’s actually not as bad as it sounds.

Controls in those days were a little different though. Throttle control on a hand lever, gear changes and reverse on foot pedals, and a crank starter with a tendency to break arms. Want to change into high gear? Be sure not to hit the reverse pedal by mistake!

They probably should have consulted me about the UI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only now I noticed that the OP has changed to FW3A Team!!

Will the “Team” be in charge of the updates to the interest lists from now on? :wink:

If so, I guess I shall pay the due respect to pepinfaxera for the work done in that updates, in the “absence” period of The Miller! Thanks!!!

For the FW3A Team, I wish all the best and I guess that I am just 1 among many that wanna see this project keep going on the best way possible :wink: In you we trust, to deliver an excellent flashlight :wink:

Keep the good work on it :+1:

Indeed, it is.

Changes will be happening soon in the first post, to make it easier for everyone to stay up to date.

Eventually, yes. But probably not immediately, since no one in the team has volunteered to do that yet.

I started writing a bot for it, but I got distracted because I have like a zillion* projects and other things to do. The most recent project aims to make all the others a bit more manageable and help me avoid neglecting any for too long.

* “Zillion” currently means 7445 individual tasks, according to the new meter, but I haven’t finished writing conduits so it’s not yet aggregating all relevant data.

This reminded me of a segment from one of my favorite TV shows, ‘The Secret Life Of Machines,’ hosted by Tim Hunkin.

Here’s a two-minute clip demonstrating the startup and driving procedure of a 1902 Wolseley automobile:

I highly suggest watching all 30 episodes of ‘The Secret Life Of Machines.’ They’re available on YouTube.

One of my favorite epiosdes is ‘The Secret Life Of The Central Heating System,’ but they’re all very good.

Hmmm…I don’t know Fritz, but if the ‘Team’ is hanging out in his underpants…shouldn’t we call the police or rescue??

I guess the team is at that location to test the nut roaster funktion.

It might be best to log out of the team account when you make posts in the thread so that people know who they are talking to. It will help to avoid confusion.

Who is this right now, Fritz?

Indeed, it would be.

Care to guess again? :slight_smile:

I used the shared account there mostly just as a way of announcing that it exists… and then promptly changed back to my account.

Not planning to use the account much… I don’t think Fritz likes me messing with his underpants. But if I do need to post something, I’ll probably sign any future messages to avoid confusion.

Hey, maybe you could copy and paste post #1854 into post #3. Then it would be easy to find that info and pictures. That’s what I would do if I was on the team.

Please add me to your list.
Thank you

Hi, I can´t find me on the list. anybody know if it is updated? thanks

Your name is on the list updated by pepinfaxera:

- #972


I haven’t looked at this thread in some time. Nice to see this project coming along. I actually feel the new design is preferable. I understand the minimalist style and appreciation of the original and like it too but these pics above seem more appealing to me. I like the clip too. The clip on my Manker E14 makes me worry because it “clips” onto the light as well (I just feel like it could accidentally push out/unclip when hanging on my waist). This FW3A looks like a good EDC or ‘go to’ light for me.

Thanks to the members picking up the slack from Miller’s absence :+1:

Please add me to the list for two (2)

I keep hearing about The Miller’s ‘absence’… Where did he go??

Interested in one please

Question for those that use a pocket clip… do you put the light inside your pocket with only the clip showing outside or the opposite of that? To me it makes no sense to have the flashlight outside the pocket where it could get snagged and ripped off the clip, lost or broken. My son-in-law carries his X6 with the light outside, or used to, back when he used it frequently during his night shift.

In the same sense that a folding pocket knife with a clip goes inside the pocket, displaying only the clip, I carry a small flashlight clip out, light protected inside the pocket.