FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I would like one for sure please. I will possibly add another depending on my finances when these are going to be available.

I’ve taken a look, and I don’t see it, but does anyone have a photo comparison of the size of the FW3A compared to a Zebralight SC64/63/62?

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Definitely interested please put me down for one.

Please put me down for one as well, thanks

Put me down for one please!

By listed dimensions alone, same length as the SC63/SC64, and a little bit fatter, although I don’t know the maximum width of the SC63/64 across the button.

This looks amazing, please sign me up for one. Thanks to everyone involved!


I am already on the list for 1. Please put me down for 2 more! (3 total)

Thank you!

Please sign me up for 1

Thanks for the info, but I’m mostly interested in how wide the body section is compared to the SC64. I know this is absurdly picky, but it’s going to decide whether or not it feels comfortable in my pocket :P. I can’t seem to find any information on the body width of the SC64, while TK has nice measurements for the FW3A.

If possible, I’d like the diameter and length of the body of each light. (And how much of a “bump” there is in the FW3A compared to the SC64).

1 more for me


I get where you’re coming from. I’m picky about size of my pocket lights, too

I know somewhere I saw caliper measurements of an SC63/64 by a user on CPF, but I can’t find that again.

My own point of reference is a D4, the tailcap of which is within a mm of the stated size of the head and tailcap of the FW3A. I think it’s just enough smaller to be appreciably less noticeable in the pocket.

Put me down for +1 as well please! Thank you!

Here are some measurements of my SC64w:

Body diameter, across the ribs (widest part of body, not incl. clip): 0.855 in / 21.72 mm
Body diameter, narrowest middle section: 0.820 in / 20.83 mm
Body “diameter” including clip: 1.020 in / 25.91 mm
Head “diameter” at switch: 1.015 in / 25.78 mm
Head diameter not considering switch: 0.970 in / 24.64 mm
Tailcap diameter: 0.950 in / 24.13 mm
Overall length: 3.630 in / 92.20 mm

I did round the thousandths up or down to the nearest 5 thousandths here.

Edit: Added mm conversions

Please sign me up for 1. Thank you

Excellent, Thanks for providing real measurements for the rest of us.

Add me to the list for one please.

Please put me down for one.

Thank you

No problem! Glad it can help.

I would also like to sign up for 1 of these - it looks so cool, I can’t resist. Thank you!!