FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Thank you so much! I am still in :slight_smile:

I’m interested in 4 lights

Many thanks

Quite good, generally not even my preferred genre but I watched the whole thing, which says a lot for me and a music video lol.

I’ll take 2 of these.


Please add me to the wait list for 2 please.

I would like to purchase one of these lights, when possible. Thanks!

I´m on 1390 and 1391 . Please put me in for a third . Thx …… M.

Those numbers should be divided by the number of forum members at the time (when exactly?) of each project to better reflect the relative “popularity” of each.

In recent times, projects like the Q8 and the GT have attracted quite a lot of new members so now each new project has more exposure and thus faster growing interest lists.

Flashlight addiction virus is spreading! :smiling_imp:

I would like to reserve one as well!

Well I was just recently looking for a small pocket rocket with tail switch and there simply is nothing like that out there. Not in the “3k lumen omg let’s set my pants on fire” category.

I really wished for USB charging (or maybe some small optional tube between the switch or head and the body which i could order for 10-15 bucks - could be used as a powerbank too) as it is an EDC which I will use daily which will make me remove the tailcap and o-ring daily. And it would have helped getting muggles to buy this light (let’s face it: No muggle want’s an 18650 flashlight charger on his/her nightstand)

But other than that… It’s definitely the most interesting flashlight project I have ever seen and I want to support it. And most of all I want that light! xD

+1 for me please.

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Put me down for one.
I dont need it, not sure exactly what it is…
But I love my other BLF lights…


please put me down for one more light, giving me a total of two. This forum is killing me.


I would like one for sure please. I will possibly add another depending on my finances when these are going to be available.

I’ve taken a look, and I don’t see it, but does anyone have a photo comparison of the size of the FW3A compared to a Zebralight SC64/63/62?

Funny. My queue number corresponds to Microsoft SQL Server TCP port number :slight_smile:

Definitely interested please put me down for one.

Please put me down for one as well, thanks

Put me down for one please!