FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

this kind of talk about music has been going on since freakin socrates. every generation
thinks their music is “better” than the previous.
scientific studies tracking complexity” and “loudness” really tell us nothing about how and why
music is appreciated.
find me a scientific study that says “complex” and “quiet” music is intrinsically “better” than
“simple” and “loud” music.

what is true is more music is available to be heard than previously. judging the “quality”
of music based on what is “popular” is kind of silly. there’s shit tons of music out there; go find something you like.

There is a simple explanation for that based on psychology and physiology. We all seem to experience things on a much more deeper and emotional level as we were growing up as teens and young adults. These early years are usually thought of as the best part of our life cyle. So all the things associated with that time frame become “the best”. As we get older we remember those times as great (even if they actually weren’t great). We forget most of the bad times from our youth.

This is why people listen to their older music, try to buy back their older cars, etc… It makes them feel young again and feel good.

I can’t remember if somebody already gave the above explanation. Sorry if I’m repeating it.

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Please add me to the list! Thank you.

I am already in for 1. Please increase my interest to 3 lights in total,

Add me to the list for 1.

pepinfaxera could you please put me down for a second light? Two lights in total.

I am also already down for 1 light. I’d like to add another. 2 total.

I’m on the list, #1403, for one. Please put me down for 2 additional (3 total).

I’m on the list at #1369. Please put me down for another light—2 total. Thanks.

Please add me for one light.

*) Will the UI be open source and the firmware easily modifyable and flashable?
*) Any ideas on how much lumen this will put out for an extended period of time (compared to e.g. a D4)?

Of course. People have been using it a lot lately, this is just the first production light to come with it.

I hope to get it flashed on a light soon and make some videos on how to operate it and change it’s menu settings.

I would imagine the same as the D4. It’s mostly about how much heat the body of the light can shed. They are about the same size and have similar lumen output for the amp draw.

ToyKeeper probably knows the exact lumens. Keep in mind it varies depending on the ambient air temperature, how much air is blowing past it and whether your holding it or not. My rough guess would be about 700 lumen.

Interested in 1 light


Interested in one.

Your clip is actually a very good example of’80s synthpop. It’s upbeat and cheery. Gary Neumann would be proud. Good work!

In case the train still standing I am in for Prototype 2 Nichia 219C @5000°K.

Sorry, but there is probably not a Nichia version of the FW3A.
The poll for the led ended with HIs and Samsung LEDs. Please read through the first page of this thread.

But final LEDs are still not confirmed by Lumintop. It depends on what they can procure.

Oops! Sorry, I have to be more attentive :slight_smile:

Another question: which body design has been chosen?

The one with the tapered ramp, prototype #2.
Surface isn’t choosen IMHO. I think there was tendency to grey anodising. But I am not shure.

I am waiting for the LED decision. If there are two to choose from I am afraid I must double my order.