FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

He's being a Negative Nancy over and over again.

He is someone that is excessively and disagreeably pessimistic.

BLF doesn't need any Negative Nancys, and his horrible posts should be reported.

Can Lumintop add built in USB charging to this light?


User stylesheets. Slick and thanks for the link. May need to switch mobile browsers to get this to work, but I’m thinking it’s worth it. Seems straightforward to nuke quoted replies as well. Just a matter of matching the nesting. Fun project for tomorrow

Thanks raccoon city!

I personally don't think the FW3A Team owes me ANYTHING - I think it is the other way around.

It certainly does get old. But it’s not just “dozens of pages ago”; it’s now over three years. Despite appearences, he’s well aware of how these things work, and even attempted a group buy in the past. So there’s history. The condensed version is: There was a lot of complaining and drama, a lot of “put up or shut up” responses, and some attempts to “put up”. But it didn’t go well. Threads were closed by the admin. A rude point system was added. Some extremely inappropriate private messages were sent. Then the posts and account were deleted, though I’m not sure if it was a ban or a quit. I assumed it was a ban, but I could be wrong. Things were quiet for a while. Eventually a new account showed up with similar behavior, but nobody knew for sure until last October when he revealed he was the same person.

So… there’s a lot of background involved. Sometimes he has useful and constructive things to say, though that can be hard to see when it’s so often cloaked in negativity. Sometimes it’s just angry rambling. Sometimes false or made-up stuff. Sometimes FUD. Sometimes I can’t even figure out what he’s talking about… like coded messages or something. And sometimes he’s helpful.

It’s not an easy thing to deal with. Responding tends to turn threads into flame wars, but the common wisdom of ignoring it is often harmful in other ways. So BLF has a button for it which attempts to avoid both failure modes. Regardless though, the action recommended by our admin is to click the button instead of responding, and otherwise generally try to stay on topics which are relevant or enjoyable.

… and on that note:

This is Fritz’ design; he and Cawi started the project on TLF. However, every original team member has left the project. As far as I’m aware, no one has heard from Fritz or Cawi since late 2018. They seem too busy these days to be involved. So Bluzie took over duties on TLF, and I’m helping with stuff here.

The “BLF after dark” link in my signature has some useful stylesheets for this.

It’s not ruled out entirely. We’re mostly just trying to make what people voted for first, before possibly venturing into other options. The flavors which got the most votes were:

  • XP-L HI ~4900K
  • LH351D hi-CRI ~4000K

But I personally wouldn’t mind if Lumintop decided to make a full spread of XP-L HI versions. Like, 3300K, 4100K, 4900K, 5700K, all in rosy “A” or “D” tint bins. We even have enough poll data to determine approximate quantities of each, if they want to try that sort of thing. But I think the actual plan is to do ~4900K first, then try to do LH351D as soon as emitters can be obtained, and then maybe try other tints later if they think it’s worthwhile.

This sums things up well:

The plan is to try to cover a variety of different preferences. But that’s pretty much up to Neal and Lumintop.

:+1: :+1:

And besides, nobody spent money on the light yet, yes? Unless Tom Tom knows something that we don’t.

I don’t mind if he complains, but some of his complaints are filled with impatience.

I can’t find this one on Urban Dictionary: BM&C

Can anyone confirm that stands for b*hing, moaning & complaining?

lol there’s a lot of straight forward acronyms but some are quite unique

Time for everyone to take a deep breath and admire the pretty lights :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah, I might not even need this light if I make any more with electronic tail switches by myself :smiley:

I’ll end up proposing you enough money so you build me one…
I’m not even sure if I want it anymore :weary:

Tom Tom, please drop the subject.

And our partner constructing the next 5000 BLF specials is…………. CRX! Well done you!
You better get 2000 metal files on order mate, along with a tonne of copper bar, 3 miles of carbon fibre tube , 10,000 Dremel cut off disks…………… 100 pairs of new hands and a 30 pairs of new eyeballs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if we could find a manufacturer…
You guys could have them cool lights too :wink:

I was asked about a production light and designed a little titanium & copper zoomie, never heard back though :))

I know it's a zoomie but it would be nice in my opinion, maybe could be made in a standard single/ triple format too.

Though thinking more about it now, I would probably make it an electronic switch :)

Thoughts welcome:


If it’s easy enough to convert to a triple, put me on the list CRX :innocent:

Very nice CRX. I always love a good zoomie!

And yes please on the electronic switch for it. :heart_eyes: