FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Ordered 1! Thank you.

Seems like a small number then. Does that mean good news for the firmware bug? That it’s limited to “some on hand and 200 more”? Or is there a huge stockpile of drivers, all with the FW bug and the exact lot of lights each of ours come from won’t matter in that regard, they’ll all be effected?

about 400pcs 3D version were shipped
another 300pcs 3D will ship before May 5th
and others 7A and 3D should ship from 8th.

first batch 7A 330pcs nearly sold out,so it will be better to choose the 3D version or wait for the SST20 version

/\ I have no idea. See my above edit in my post. That is all I know.

Edit: Neal has answered the question. :+1:

@ TrueRMS

What “firmware bug” are you referring to?

This one

That is not a “firmware bug” ’to me’.
That is basically nothing… a non-issue ’to me’.
It could even be called a ‘feature’.

Edit to add: ’to me’

Seems like it is an issue if TK herself pointed it out as an example of how to report a bug and stated it had been resolved in a later revision…

A big issue, no definitely not, but to claim “it’s a non issue” sounds a little stand-offish

Personally I only use the stepped mode and I often hold to start from low and step up to the level I want (this is also how I instruct people to use anduril lights I hand them) so I fully expect to run into this bug.

I’m not trying to be negative, I read that other thread before making my purchase. Just asking if the lights not yet produced will have the same exact FW on them or if they’ll be updated to the already published newer version with the bug fix for this particular issue.

I’m not going to argue the point.

’To me’ it is a total & complete “non-issue”… I should have said that in my post above. Sorry I didn’t, my bad. :person_facepalming:

Whatever it is to you is fine with me. :+1:

I understand it may be an issue to you. To me it is not. My apology if I seemed insensative to your plight

Edit: I fixed my post above to include ’to me’. :beer:

I actually ran into that bug several times, since I like the stepped ramp mode.

For me it pops up often when I’m in relative darkness and don’t remember what mode I used previously. I know that the lowest moonlight mode will not be bright enough, but don’t want to take the risk of blinding myself by just switching the light on at the memorized mode. So I press and hold the switch to bring it to moonlight and immediately release and press again to go one or two steps brighter to a usable mode. But the light doesn’t react to the press.

In theory, the FD2 should be less green than the FB4?? Is that correct?

Yes, from what I understand, a bit less green and a bit more rosy. Unfortunately, that tint chart isn’t as informative as the Cree chart we often refer to, but it is the only one I found as well. Maybe someone will point us to a better one.

Thank you for the verification. :+1: . Yeah… that is the only chart I could find. And I certainly agree… the CREE Chart is much better to me too.

Are you tempted to get one of the SST models in a nicer tint? I think I am, but also maybe the XPL 7A. Of course we have both already ordered our 3D’s.

I think I will. And then if it turns out ’ugly bile green’ like that Convoy S2+ I got (to see what the SST 20 craze was all about), I will change them out to something I like. Giving the SST 20’s to someone who likes green. :beer:

I too, after TK & you brought up that 7A would make for a great candle mode; am thinking seriously about getting a 7A to be a designated candle. :wink:

I can reproduce this little bug on my ROT66 and D18, but if nobody had pointed it out, I would probably have never noticed it.

I would probably have never run into the bug, because in the scenario you are describing I would simply press and hold until the desired brightness level is reached. There is no need to do two press and holds with a short pause in between, because Andúril will start in the lowest mode, but then immediately start to ramp up if you continue to hold the button down.

That’s absolutely right! I think it’s mostly a reflex for me to let go off the button when the light turns on and blinks. I will try to use your method of holding the switch down from now on :slight_smile:

I wonder if the bug was reported to Neal/Lumintop and fixed in a timely enough manner to correct lights in the next batch. Or, were a ton of drivers already loaded and what’s done is done? Personally, I’ve never used a ramped light before, and would probably be a smooth ramp kinda guy anyway, so it may not affect me. I’m just happy to finally get a chance to hold an FW3A and impress my friends!

Have we somewhere pictures from a beamshot comparison of the to HI tints side by side?

( sorry I haven’t read the rest of the posts)



Comparing the location with the CREE ANSI chart, looks like FD2 falls very close to 5D2. Not sure which 5D Hank is using in the Emisars, but I love it. Looking forward to seeing the SST color.