FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I do not know what means IRRC but in the very first post its written:
Target $30 including shipping, manufacturer can decide own pricing afterwards.
Maybe $36 if XP-L HI emitters are used.
Not fixed yet!”

I do not want to make big deal for $3 just noticed the difference.
I wish Neal the best and to enjoy for that extra profit.

I’m sure he will enjoy that $3 & spend it wisely. :smiley: on shipping.

:money_mouth_face: Yes , in fact its about $3 x 3000 FW3A = $ 9000 a small fortune where I live….

I don’t understand why ‘you’ is in quotes, but i read the sentence that contained the words “If & maybe” as the final part of your response to the comments you quoted, specifically ifratos’s “Neal’s last minute $3 fee.” which the rest of your answer relates to, and took it to mean that: If people (like ifratos) do not keep up…. maybe they get surprised (as ifratos’s description suggests he was).
What did i get wrong?

I didn’t forget, i assumed that’s what you meant by ‘if IRRC’ and took the whole sentence as factual to the best of your knowledge, and a helpful answer. What did i get wrong?

‘IRRC’ should be ‘IIRC’ which means ‘If I Remember Correctly…’.

The prices you quote are target process, it means that the project was developed to try and be sold for that price, but it wasn’t a guaranteed price. AT the start of the project no-one knew how much it would actually cost to make the loght and therefore it was impossible to know how much the light would be sold for, $30 and $36 were a guess. A very educated guess but still a guess.
The final price was set depending on how much it costs to actually produce the light, and is close to the original price. I don’t know the details of where the money goes but i haven’t assumed it was Neal just adding money on.

IIRC can also mean If I Read Correctly, though the other meaning makes more sense in the context given.

What extra profit? The $3 extra for you is because of shipping to Romania. Most orders do not have extra shipping fees.

Maybe you know this and are just joking around about $9000, but I can’t tell.

Got my code and ordered a 3A. What a long road it’s been!

Extra shipping to specific countries where there’s a high cost seems fair. I just wanted to make sure there’s not some sneaky fee being added to later orders.

Hey… I don’t know what “IRRC” means either… it was a typo. :person_facepalming: … My bad.

  • IIRC = If I remember correctly
  • if IRC = If I remember correctly

And quite possibly I did not remember correctly.

I know I read somewhere months ago that shipping to certain countries was extremely high and that even ‘free shipping’ to those countries would have to be subsidized by the buyer.

I honestly thought I remembered that was mentioned & discussed in this thread. But as I stated…. maybe I remembered wrong. But I know it was discussed somewhere & I shall try to find where that was.

IIRC this was brought on by the BLF GT when Lumintop lost their rear ends on shipping quite a few of those lights.

I honestly do not think Neal is trying to pull a fast one or make “extra profit”. That kinda makes him sound like a thief, And I for one DO NOT think Neal is a thief.

I think he is trying to cover legitimate cost so it does not come out of his pocket, as was rumored to have happened with part of the BLF GT’s.

Is it completely out of place to suggest that if the idea of paying an unexpected $3 is that upsetting, maybe just don’t order the light? I’ve dropped any number of purchases at the “pay now” screen after I finally got to see the shipping cost, and didn’t like it. Usually that’s $8-$20 “surprise” charges (one place, $25 for a small UPS package from Arizona to North Carolina, when $10 is the most that could cost). $5, I might grumble. $2-3, unless it’s a $5 item, probably not.
And, yeah, “target price” is really not something to take as more than a rough estimate.

After all this time, I don’t think we should sweat the small-change sh*t.

I've received a tracking number from Neal that shows "Item received" to a sorting center in China. I expected it to basically be a "label created" type of thing, and was very surprised. Last I heard, shipments wouldn't begin until May 8. Time to play the "wait and see" game.

I also just got a tracking number. But based on experience I wouldn’t be surprised or bent out of shape if it took a month to get to me.

As an aside I don’t really know why I bought the flashlight since I don’t really have a need for it. Although irritating my adult kids is certainly a fun thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Just placed my order. Thank you to those who worked on this project and made it a reality!

Ordered 1 of my 2 in XPL 3D, hoping the SST-20 option is available soon to order my second, honestly I would almost prefer the branding on the second once so they’re easier to differentiate by sight.

Good idea! I kinda liked the bunny anyway. I wonder if that option would be available to us and still use the coupon code.?

No worries. I was planning to explain the mechanism so people wouldn’t be expecting a second message, and by sheer coincidence you provided a perfect example. :slight_smile:

In case it's not known here, Martin told me that Neal had a few 3D's on hand, so the shipping notices are legit, assuming all you that got a tracking # ordered 3D's.

FB is good for something, sometimes...

I only ordered 1 of my 2 on the list, waiting on other emitter options. Suspect others did the same.