FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

the courier will come to pick up the packages tonight
tomorrow you can track from the flytexpress.com

Try using these & see what they tell you:

Remember, “shipped & tracking number” do not necessarily mean SHIPPED…. as in ‘left the building’ & actually moving.

As far as which “shipping company” is used for FREE Shipping…. there are many to choose from. So no way to know.

Once your package shows movement you can expect it in anywhere from 10 to 28 days, as a general rule; for shipping from China to USA. Occasionally there are exceptions to that rule, slower & faster.

Hope this helps….

Edit: Looks like Neal answered with specific answers for you. His answers trump my “general answers”. :slight_smile:

Thanks Neal and Teacher, wasn’t expecting it to ship so fast!

What’s this?

Shipping to some countries require a shipping fee.

Luckily for me, there isn't one for the U.S.

Right. And if IRRC it is far from “last minute”.
It has been known that some countries would require a bit of additional shipping cost for quite some time.
If people do not keep up…. maybe they get surprised.

It is very common to have different shipping costs depending on shipping destination. Islands or island-like places, some Scandinavian countries, both time- and distance-related pricing, and more exceptions like shipping to Hawaii. I have shipped from various places and this was never different.

If it is the actual cost, 3 dollars is really not high IMO for tracked shipping from Asia. Even tiny gearbest items are now 1.50 or more dollars in shipping. Batteries are like 4-7 dollars per shipment.
It is the new reality for online shopping.

I’ve read pretty much every thread in this post and i didn’t know about the fee so it’s not a question of keeping up, and i don’t see how you can judge why someone has missed information in a thread containing over 9000 posts, many of which are not relevant. Not everyone has the luxury of the time needed to read every post in a thread this size, and if you think they should then surely you have a responsibility not to force them to read through lengthy posts about materials you’ve dreamt the FW3A is made out of.

Off-topic is an inherent part of this forum, and one that i like, but it can take the focus away from the relevant.
Being free to ask questions and ask for help is also an inherent part of this forum which makes this a much friendlier and less intimidating place than most, and i don’t see why that should be discouraged without good reason.
If Zak hadn’t have asked i would have asked, but your attitude would make me think twice about asking.

Anybody? (bump now the thread has calmed down)

The dogfarts I have from Arrow are quite ok, albeit a bit above BBL. They do look much better than SST20s with similar duv though. Not absolutely necessary to filter out the green.

I agree also. Surprising how well people get along when they talk about what we agree about instead of the small % we disagree about. :+1:

Thanks maukka. I regret not buying some when they were super cheap. I’ve been holding out for them to be discounted again but may take the plunge once my FW3A arrives (unless it becomes a factory option by then!)

As far as I am concerned Marc E…. ’you’ read a heck of a lot into a sentence that contained the words “If & maybe”. :person_facepalming:
And let’s not forget “if IRC” at the beginning.

Ah, didn’t know if those people also were doing something else I didn’t know about.

Thank you, and I got a PM last night and ordered the 7A just now. Things like the LH interest me, but I like them better in Zebralights that can get longer runtime instead of more heat out of low Vf, so XPL HI is just great, 70 CRI or no. Love <4000K lights. Have a WW SST Emisar but too lazy to put together the kit to reflash it, so this’ll be my first light with the “real” firmware.

IDK about the tube-to-body anodize, but maybe they made it extra thick. If the tube is aluminum rather than something harder, it shouldn’t scratch the insulation easily… and I do have a bit of Kapton tape.

Saw some earlier post say it’s not possible to power the driver without a 3rd wire. Maybe true for this driver, but Folomov’s somewhat problematic 18650S (?) has a tailcap driver that runs in series with the LED. Thermal regulation, other than a timer, is of course impossible and that model has, from what I hear, damaged a few LEDs. Turbo should have been a lower current I guess.

I received my email and I’m about to pull the trigger except now I have a quandary. I realized after some more reading that I need 2 of them!

Would I be taking advantage if i ordered 2 since I only signed up for 1?

I don’t see how. The manufacturer will happily sell an extra unit. The coupon code isn’t personalized. I think the interest list was used mainly to estimate demand, and allow a line/queue to form.

That is interesting the coupon code isn’t personalized. You are right, checking the demand. I didn’t get one this go around. Keeping an eye on future deals.

I see some folks have already received shipping notices for their lights. I wonder how many units are available to be processed out before the May 1st holiday or whatever it is that will delay further processing until May 8th.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: