FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I hope it works for you. It’s part of the code of conduct at one of the largest makerspaces in the US where people interact in person and it doesn’t work as well as everyone would like.

Some of the FW3As shipped yesterday:

You didn't screw up.

Order whatever you want.


This last sentence is a somewhat ironic statement.

It does, because you can’t get around it on a technicality - it’s surprisingly rare that we have to ban people though. BLF also has a very low rate of people being jerks compared to the internet average.

I agree.

BLF is a special place with a surprisingly good user base.

I spend a lot of my time here because of that.

They should fit. The drawings don’t show dimensions on the optic where it fits over the LED, but all shown dimensions are the same.

If you try the elliptical, you should report back with your thoughts on it.

That one will be very floody. A throwier version of that style (there are 20mm, single emitter versions) would probably make a good bike light optic.

Got the available message.
But i will wail for a LH351D or SST-20 version.

Ordered 3D and 7A tint

Thanks BLF

Just got my tracking number for DHL. :laughing:

Did you get an email, or look on Neal’s site?

Received my PM, about to order. Many thanks again to the team in dealing with everything and everyone from day 1 to today.

You guys pulled it off!

Could you add one more for me to the list? Thanks

Edit: Whoops, just saw the list is closed. Nevermind! (That’s what I get for skipping to the end instead of reading everything). Thanks again to TK and the rest of the team for pulling this together!

Got my shipment notice as well as my tracking number

Ordered one(3D) , wait SST for next.
$38.97 including Neal’s last minute $3 fee.
Thanks BLF FW3A team!

Got an email notifying me my light shipped.


I also got a shipping notice and tracking number. Didn’t expect it to ship this soon kind of surprised. :person_with_crown:

Got my shipping notice and tracking number which takes me to flytexpress.com which doesn’t show anything. I chose free shipping, anyone know what shipping company they are using for USA shipments and how long it should take to get? Thanks