FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

You could light a candle maybe…

:smiley: … Amen. :+1: :beer:

I am looking forward to this one too… wonder how much longer before we get some action?

A deep carry clip would be great.

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ok sorry one please, just one

Prototype looks fantastic! Please put me down for one

Yeah that’s the only real bummer with the light so far for me. Don’t see why that clip couldn’t extend up to the edge of the tail and still mount the same way.

Another vote for this, at least as an add-on or option. While not necessarily a bummer for me, I would see this option as an amazing bonus!

I really like the Silver mat finnish of the prototype. And for now the poll for led and colortemp is going in the right direction!

It might be worth mentioning that the poll ended almost 3 months ago and recommendations were already sent to Lumintop.

Have not seen this Ops. Poll was still working. If they go for the winners i am happy! :smiley:
But thanks for mention it!

Please add me to the list for two. Thanks!

Speaking of awkward looking diffusers:
I have this
It works to illuminate a table. The small size fits barely a Q8
I like it's collapsible and I use it only on low.
The front output is much less than on the side.

Sorry if this is another dud.

Put me down for one.

Please add me for 1 pc

In for 1 please.

I really don’t want to be “that guy” right now, but considering the pace of this project so far, would it be too late to consider re-polling LEDs to vote on replacing the Samsungs with Luminus SST-20-W 95CRI ?

They have 3000k and 4000k options available, if not others as well. Djozz and Maukka have tested these with amazing results. Better tint and CRI than the Samsungs (less green, better Rg values) and they will throw much better as well. CRI and tint of these compete with E21A 9080s with output in the same ballpark as 219C but definitely shy of LH351. Current vs Vf curves are almost the same between the LH351 and SST20 so current draw will likely be similar.

The emergence of these LEDs have got me extra excited/impatient for the F3WA. :disappointed:

It’s probably too late. Last I heard, Neal told me three weeks ago he had the final prototypes in hand, and was going to send them out that same day. Not sure what the delay has been since then, but it sounds like the only steps left are to test and approve the samples, then give a go-ahead for production.