FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

That sounds very positive.
Hoping the testing goes well & all is approved. :wink: . :+1:

Now, the anticipation again…
I’m very patient with these group buys. I haven’t bought a new light since the Q8 though, and I must admit I am excited that these seem to be close to ready.
I also hope all goes well, but as always, better to take as long as needed to get it right.

/\…. :+1:

How many are you getting, Teacher?

They are arrived and will be tested in the next days if there is enough time for it.

I am getting a dozen my friend. :person_facepalming:
BUT… In my defense, 9 of those are to be gifted. :wink:

Well, now that you talk about it, my GAW for 1xFW3A (emitter will be chosen by the winner) is still running - of course :person_facepalming: - for those that wanna be “IN” & that meet the criteria on post#1 of that thread !

No double entries and if you wanna know if you’ve already showed interest to be “IN”, check post #2 !

I guess you’ll still have some time, but…it’s getting shorter :smiling_imp:

@ those-that-will-receive-a-prototype-to-see-how-things-are : let us know how this beauty is rolling and ruling :+1:

Holy cow! You’re going to make some people very happy. I’m sure you’ll be happy with yours too. I’m on the list for two, but that might have to go up, pending emitter options. The end is near! I shouldn’t even say it, but it does appear Christmas presents are possible…

Eheh, I hope so! It will be my first GAW here, so I just hope it goes well!
For me, I’m on the list for 2 lights, that I hope to get in the 2 different types of LEDs! I guess this is a thing that cannot be missed! If I had more money, I’d buy 4 for me, just because, but 2 will do the trick :wink:

And…I make mine your words, x-mas gifts (for the GAW and me :smiley: ) would be nice :blush:

Let’s see how far is the end and wait for it smoothly :wink:

That is what I am hoping…… :wink: …… but time will tell. Like you said earlier… better done right than rush it. :+1:

Add me in for one please.

A third FW3A prototype hit Germany, no full reports so far.

Man, hard to believe its been 5 months since I last checked in on this thread. Im still stoked for this light. I love my pflexpro triple, but this is going to be a perfect little light the way its looking.

You certainly haven’t missed much :person_facepalming:

I am interested in two more, please
if that is possible. (#903)

I’m already in for 2 units (#558, #559), I would like 2 units more = 4 units in total. TIA.

list me please for a third lamp

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. :smiley:

I’m in for one if not too late!

That one was deep :blush:

As deep as my empty pockets that need to grow some money to fund the FW3A lights I wanna buy :money_mouth_face:

Let the absence be absent and the FW3A say “present”! :partying_face: