FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Sweet CRX!

Will update list later

Thank you!

Interesting project, I’m interested in a unit. Please add me to the list.


When SB is ready I’ll update OP

Thrunite Titanium AAA twisty…

Gotta love Titanium! :smiley:

AWESOME looking ! You’re very talented, onnha

Yet another AWESOME one… WOW

CRX, I gotta say I just love that MT-G2 in the Ti 4Sevens light! Beautiful!

Thanks mate, you know how I like stupid emitter/ host setups :smiley:
It was originally an XHP50.2 but it killed itself, worked out fine though as I love the MT-G2.

Did you do that Thrunite yourself? Very nice :+1:

I do my Ti coloring a bit differently. I gut the light, run a section of all thread through it and using a washer top and bottom I snug it with a nut on each end. Then I mount the all thread in my drill press and use a propane torch on the Ti while it’s spinning. Easier for me to get a more uniform heat build up this way.

I’ve had the MT-G2 in so many small lights it’s ridiculous! lol A chopped Mini Mag was probably the smallest, using a pair of IMR 14250’s. :wink:

In for one.

1 please.

core list updated

I’ll take one these please.

Welcome to BLF!
Will update the list later!

I want one.
What else do I have to do?

I think we wait patiently (easier said than done) and buy it when it’s ready.

If I understand correctly, it could be a while. Getting things made like this isn’t a quick process.

The way this works is a lot like a kickstarter project… except people don’t actually have to pledge money up front, only interest. Then when it’s ready, everyone on the interest list gets a notification that they can buy it.

Was there any initial estimate made?
Can one be made?
Just a ball park number…

While titanium is durable and looks great, I do have to admit that when I grab a light for EDC I usually reach for aluminum. It may not look as pretty or be as durable, but the lighter weight in the pocket is very noticeable.

Also in a small triple like this one, aluminum conducts heat much better than titanium.