FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Hmm… ballpark number… maybe 2017. Maybe 2018. Depends on a lot of factors I’m not informed about. Based on past project timelines, I’d be a little surprised if they’re ready in time for Halloween.

Wondering if the weight of the light wouldn’t be quite similar if the thickness were kept to strength parameters? The Ti would be much thinner while maintaining strength, they would probably be very near the same. And the thinner titanium may well release heat quite good, in spite of it’s reputation for not having good thermal characteristics. Besides, it colors up so nicely if you dare run it hot! :wink:

I am not serious, would rather see this one in 7075 and raw…

Will update list later
When? Well this is a rather complex light with its double tube, eswitch tail and tricky anodization.
For me I am happy if there is progress
Such progress there is with the driver (that should allow future use to program the FW3A by pointing it at a phone or computer screen is firmware that can do this is to be written)

Fritz is about to finish his real prototype and Cawi plans on making a head in his lathe too.

NarsilM is ready

Right now the Chinese party we talk to has a hard time believing 3000 lumens is possible in such a small light but I am relatively sure that if it gets through things might actually move faster then the Q8 went.

Hah. You’ll certainly have a fun time introducing them to the wonders of BLF. :slight_smile:

This sort of output isn’t just possible, it was possible years ago. I don’t have a triple XP-G3, but my triple XP-L HI of this size hits 3000 lumens without even sacrificing tint or CRI. It’s several bins lower than what we can get now.

Are we really thinking 3000 lumens from this little beast? That seems like a lot.

To be fair, I don’t believe the claims of most chinese sellers either. I’m sure you can find “5000” lumens for 5$ on ebay.

Put me down for one too please !

My thoughts exactly when I saw that post. How ironic that they don’t believe the claims found on many of their current listings. Just shows they know they’re false advertising.

Will update list later

I kind of like it a lot they are precise here, it shows them to be serious and knowing BLF cannot be messed around with :wink:

Yeah, quite ironic considering the Chinese sell lights with partly ridiculously wrong specs and then they don’t want to believe us when we say the light can actually reach 2500 Lumens… :smiley: (2500 is the more understated number we’re going for)

Just to make it clear, with 2500 lm to 3000 lm output the light will overheat in about 45 seconds or so, meaning that this will be only some sort of burst mode.

Yes of course, we spec 2500 lumens :wink:

When you say “burst mode”, I hope you don’t mean to include a timed stepdown. There’s a thermal sensor in the driver, isn’t there?

Of course, that may not change much in practice, but I much prefer lights that only reduce output in response to actual need rather than predicted need. I’m prone to doing stuff like this after all:

The beauty of Narsil, choose your own step down
either timed, with a choice on how long OR thermally, select it and choose the temp yourself :wink:

Put me down for 1

Where do I get drivers with Narsil in them?

I’m not really able to make my own drivers or flash firmware. I need to order some pre-built drivers.

Lexel has a run of TA drivers that can be fitted with AT85 MCU flashed with Narsil

Told you about Narsil, but kind of missed your pic, We don’t know if the FW3A will be abl to be submersed in water, it must be able to be used in rain that yes

And list updated

If the o-rings fit properly and the light is well-made then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have an IPX-8 rating.

That’s great to hear about the stepdowns and throttling. I probably could have, and should have looked up the Narsil documentation myself.

As to immersion, I’m not counting on it, but if the FW3A is rated for it, I’ll do the same test. My main goal wasn’t actually to test the Prime’s waterproofing (though it did prove to be perfectly waterproof), but to cool it enough for a runtime graph without thermal stepdowns. My fan was insufficient.

Ok, put me down for one please.