FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Production & ship date unknown. But getting closer each day. :+1:
Post #1 says $36 for XP-L HI & $30 for Samsung
Final features will be pretty much those discussed in post #1.


I am interested in one.


Could we know the tint bin, please ?

That is what I was waiting to be posted.

I think I will take two of them, one of each emitter

is tint bin that important for a light under 40$ ?

My light had better be a CoolNeutralWarm White combo!

(I'm a tint snob that only wants imaginary tints.)

Only if you turn them on !

Nope, as long as it is a ‘Cool Neutral’ - True Neutral Whitetm XP-L HI below the BBL…… it is not important at all. :wink:

true, neutral would be ideal for this light.

I just thought of something...

This light is a triple.

There could be one emitter that's CW, one that's NW, and one that's WW.

Completely not worth doing, but it'll be the perfect tint!

NO! :smiley:

If I ever get the answer to that question, I’ll be sure to post about it.

I’ve done that before. It can give quite good results if you use the right emitters.

Mixing and matching emitters is fun.

I have one of my Emisar D4 lights outputting 4500K color tint. Using two 4000K XPL HI and two 5000K XPL HI

Beam shot?

I mentioned this elsewhere recently, but it all goes well with the BLF Lantern, I could see a future flashlight mixing emitters on a board with separate channels for emitters for tint-ramping purposes. Form factor could be a D4 style light where each emitter has its own optic, or I’d be curious if a closely clustered quad like Clemence does with E21A’s could share the same floody optic for different color temperature emitters.

But the idea is not topical to the FW3A.

Looks the same as a normal D4, but 4500K tint. The output from the different emitter overlaps completely and you just see one beam with the new mixed tint. You can’t really even see mixed emitters were used unless you turn it on moonlight and look at the emitters or shine it a wall or piece of paper a few inches away on very low power.

Thank you. I wounder if it would work on 3 emitters.

I’m interested in one. with 5000ish tint.(4500/5500)
Preferably SST 20.

Not interested in throw or spread.
it’s just a beautiful LOOKING light and I’ll have one just to have it in my hand.
I’ve got a zillion throwers and spreaders now.
Just looking for the extra nice ones nowadays.
Which this one definitely is. I hate the square ones. (D1/D4 etc)