FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Can I be added to the list for a second one. Total of 2.

Been trying to resist but I don’t think I can pick which emitter I’d rather have.

In for 2

In for one with the lh351d emitter

Not found myself so

Interested in one LH351D 4000K 90CRI


I see you at #1695.

So, since LH351D well-binned ordering options are quickly evaporating + reports of their beam profile maybe not being ideal is there any chance the LH351C or SST-20 could be considered instead? At least down the road if a source for below BBL 351Ds isn’t found?

I know the first test of the HCRI 4000K SST-20s in the PL47 shows they are from a bin that’s below BBL.

It should probably be mentioned that BlueSwordM is talking to Digikey independently, and Neal seems to have already ordered from a different supplier weeks ago.

Yep. I’m just trying to help out.

Off I go!

the list does not seem to update?

Help is always welcome. :slight_smile:

I just don’t want people to get confused about FW3A project status. As far as I’m aware, emitters are already taken care of.

Sign me up for another one (total of 2).

I would also like to sign up for a second. My first is #181.

Cannot resist. Thank you.

The BLF list was updated 3 days ago. It does not update itself though; I have to do that manually.

I’ll try to clarify that next time I update it. The “automatically generated” part is true, but it means a script takes a very long list of posts as input, and then generates the list seen in comment #4. So the request numbers are not particularly meaningful, and are simply a side effect of the order requests happen. Request numbers aren’t guaranteed, because if I find any errors in the list, or if anyone cancels their requests, all the numbers afterward will change. There is no “Bob cancelled request #123, so can I have that spot?” because it’ll move everyone one number lower instead.

The update process is:

  • Run a script to download new posts since the last run.
  • Run a script to display new posts one at a time so I can manually categorize each one.
  • Manually copy that list to the link above.
  • Run a script to convert the full post list into a human-friendly interest list.
  • Manually copy the human-friendly version to comment #4.

So a lot of it is automated, but it’s not fully automatic.

I would like to be added to the list for one light. Thanks.

okay gotcha, thanks for clarify TK :slight_smile:

I appreciate what you did BlueSword- it was admirable. Thanks for your efforts.

I got off the interest list back in June because I decided to earmark the $$ for a BLF-LT1 but progress on that project is ? ………… so put me back on this list….Previously @ #1350… Thanks

so any forecast of ship dates?
just asking

or price?
or the final features?


Sorry, must finally bought glasses to myself


Maybe next year…maybe