FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Yeah it’s really nice.

There’s an other advantage taking 4 reels rather than one.


1 reel order bin: F2T4*Q2*
4 reel order bin: F2T6*R2*

So not only are we getting a below BBL tint, we are getting one flux bin higher by going from Q2 to R2.

Glad to hear this information! I hope Lumintop is able to make use of your research.

From the latest list update: 1715 lights x 3 emitters / light = 5145 emitters.

My understanding is these are sold in 800 piece reels, or in 4 reel cases (3200 pieces).

If Lumintop are willing plan on half of buyers going for the LH351D, plus a modest number of additional sales beyond the group buy, then ordering a case should be justifiable.

I will take one. Thanks for doing this!

I’m not sure the Digi-Key rep got the color temp for T4 quite right. Looking at the datasheet and trying to scale the chart on page 10, here’s how I read it:

  • T6 should be 4000K to 4125K, and Duv roughly +.002 to -.004
  • T4 should be 3750K to 3875K, and Duv roughly .004 to.010.

It looks like there could be a choice to make between rosier tint at a warmer color temperature versus a color temperature with broader appeal plus 20 lumens and a chance of just enough of a greenish tint that discerning users might notice.

As a related reminder, Maukka seemed pretty happy with a Carclo triple-equipped light he modded with LH351D’s (TC bin?) that measured at +.0036 Duv (assuming “medium” is the closest condition to the binning conditions of 1050mA).

Yeah she was probably wrong in the color temp department.

It’s funny though that we got a warmer tint bin with a higher flux bin. That was surprising.

Edit: I was the one who was wrong. Transcribed badly on my part.

BlueSwordM, thank you so much for taking the initiative on this! If this works out, we are truly in your debt.

^ . :+1:

2 weeks ago when ToyKepper proposed 3 choices, the deal was to wait for a better (rosier) tin bin T1, T2, T3, T4. It was not to wait for the greenish T6. :weary:

Thank you for doing the legwork!

Interested in 2x lh351d 4000k.

I also would prefer below the BBL, but I’m being open-minded because I know some people have stronger feelings about color temperature than I have about small positive Duv values.

What encourages me most about Maukka’s testing of LH351D’s with a similar or worse Duv than a T6 should have is he saw limited tint-shift across the beam in a Carclo optic. Find a rainbow beam more distracting than slight deviations from the BBL.

Yeah its very green corona/hotspot that is the worst. I can stand above BBL if it’s consistent across the beam (and the CCT doesn’t shift too much either).

I’ve been pretty happy with the 4000K LH351Ds I got from Mtn-Elec that I put in my Q8. Don’t have any idea what tint bin they are but less green than a lot of Cree emitters I’ve seen that weren’t specifically binned for on/below BBL.

I think it would be useful if you asked to be removed from the TLF list.

Yeah, it’s kind of important to be as accurate as possible about the lists. I don’t expect to reach 100% accuracy, but some past projects have gotten as high as ~95%.

The list in TLF was updated at last in September 20th.!

Guys, I came back for an important exception.

I just received a critical email from Digieky stating there was an error in communication about the chromacity bins.

While the T4 bins are available from Samsung, they are not available from Digikey at the time!

The rep stated that it was an error on her part stating a typo, and that the T4 bin is only available on a custom order :cry:

Only the T6 bin are available and in stock from Digikey :frowning:

Sorry :cry: :cry: :cry:

is the design of the light final ?

Yes… pretty much.

Please sign me up for two FW3As - one of each emitter type.