FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Oh bugger, have fought this long enough, put me down for one please.

in for 2

Please add me to the list for one

Wow a list update is overdue I see, plan on doing it today!
And updated

Any release date ?

No definite release date. Soon though. It’s ready when it’s ready is as definite as anyone can state.


Yes well put
Driver design is being tweaked now, it is a complicated driver with the ring for eswitch in tail and relatively large MCU on a small board but is seems almost ready.

Please put me on the list for 1. Thanks

i should not have strayed from the Q8 thread……now i must have one of these as well!
thanx for all the effort, the BLF specials are great!

Same thing for me, although I signed up earlier. The Miller gets both thanks and blame. :smiley: By the way, how many lumens will this little guy be putting out, on a high drain cell, and will it benefit from a spring bypass?

  • / - : 3000

I’m in for one.Thanks.

How would this be possible with 3 x xpg3 led emitters?

Yes tests prove it is possible
BUT we specify is at 2500 lumens better to underspec as with the Q8)
AND it won’t sustain it for long because it will be too hot, a default step down will be chosen based on testing, of course with Narsil, people can set up thermal stepdown for themselves (calibrating the MCU in the process via a vey simple menu (choose thermal stepdown and the light turns on at max for user to decide when it should kick in, very nifty! not by default for each MCU is different so a careful (say 30 sec) stepdown will be default so it is safe to use.

I’m in for one. Thanks TM for making this happen!

This sounds great, I’ve been on a fairly long hiatus from BLF, I was previously considering an E14 or S41 (my plan was to mainly use it with the optional 18650 tube) also looking at the S42 but after reading about all the issues going on with all of those I held off. Real happy I waited, and came back now to find this beauty!

I may reconsider the S42 (219c) when the revised versions arrive, to use in 18500 format.

I am stoked for this light. I love the idea of a light that looks straight from the lathe, and kicks butt to boot!


Really looking forward to this light!

Please make sure nothing is glued in the final version. That way we can do driver swaps or upgrades in the future.

Yes will update list later :slight_smile:

Indeed glue is not an option :wink:

I am in for one please! Looks awesome.